Friday, 24 October 2014

War Machine Needs To Change His Name

The MMA fighter who changed his name from Jonathan Koppenhaver to War Machine needs to change his name again.
Machine is waiting trial for the attempted murder or his girlfriend porn star Christy Mack . In August of this year Christy Mack, and her "friend" Corey Thomas were sleeping in a bed at Mack's home. Though they had sex in the past they were in a non-sexual relationship .... porn stars huh, I don't think the actual sex matters if yer boyfriend is immature, no impulse control and fights for a living.

Machine beat Thomas to snot, he had fractures throughout his face and then he beat Mack who had two missing teeth, a blowout fracture of her left eye, and a lacerated liver.  He also cut her with a knife and sexually assaulted her.

In his little cell Machine attempted to hang himself from a bunk bed with a piece of linen, he wrote a suicide note saying how her infidelity devastated him, also the way she protected him from the beating. 

"I still don't understand how I got into this mess.  I don't know why this had to happen.  My life was going so well. I forgive you, please forgive me."

Luckily a guard found him in time and Machine is alive and well, not sure about brain damage but how could you tell? The slack jawed look he gives is what he always does

Can't take yer punishment like a man huh? I mock yer t-shirts you wore that said things like 'I do Alpha male shit' ... you do dickhead shit.

Career now over and any reputation he had now gone it's time he changed his name to Mr Whinywomanbeatingpussypants, Douchebag Machine or Hand Tool.    

If Old Knudsen ever sees you on the street Mr Whinywomanbeatingpussypants, expect a sudden lights out from Old Knudsen's fist of real manliness .... Old Knudsen is ten times the Alpha male you'll ever be in fact when he pees on things/people to mark his territory he scares himself away. 

I once looked in the mirror and reached up to adjust my cap and I made myself flinch. MMA is for the weak! Mixed Martial Arts indeed, I'll have a mixed grill with chips.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

What's For Dinner Bob?

The zombie TV show The walking dead isn't very amusing and not really feel good unless you like the feel of walker skull under boot. So when Bob and Sasha start getting friendly you beg for something bad to happen, Glen and Maggie are the show's lovey dovey couple we don't need another one.
At the same time it isn't politically correct to hope something bad will happen cos they are black, remember T-dog? A black dude who ended up dying in the prison they were living in, not a very PC way to go .... he didn't even finish his water melon. 

The cannibals caught Bob by the short and curlies but a great guy like Bob, you don't eat all in one go. If you cut the other leg off and take him swimming he really will live up to his name. At least he didn't use the old 'I'm a veteran you can't eat me' line.

Fuck Bob, he does not get to be happy during the zombie apocalypse, he wasn't one of the very originals. Now a load of white people are eating him after cooking his leg on the springs of a mattress.

It turns out that he tasted pretty good, well it would be racist if they only liked white meat so well done to the cannibals for keeping their humanity throughout this trying time and wasn't it nice of them to tell Bob how well he tasted? 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spider-Man Is A Spidey Menace

Spider-Man farts in the general direction of the police.

While Spider-Man captures crooks just like flies in Northern Ireland we have Spides (chavs,neds,pecker necked white trash) who get caught as easy as catching Ebola in Sierra Leone.

Ronnie Nelson aged 29, from Newtownabbey was released on bail to get his life sorted out before the judge passes sentence next month. Nelson threw bricks at police during disturbances in Belfast in August 2013 .... oh did I forget to say allegedly? 

I'll web sling you into next week ya fuckin peeler!

Nelson wore a Spider-Man mask to conceal his beady eyes and perfect BJ lips but forgot to conceal his hideous grey and yellow tracksuit.

Tracksuits are almost a uniform for Spides as they are comfortable to wear easy to pull down instantly for a quick rape, looks are not of any concern as Spides do not understand the concept of self-respect. 

Nelson denies being the masked menace but CCTV shows him with and without the mask and no one else wore that ugly ass tracksuit according to police.    

Shame on you, J Jonah Jameson has been looking for a way to destroy the reputation of the hero to many a child and you give him this ..... Hang the bastard by his web slingers judge.  

Childhood Memories

Old Knudsen was a beautiful baby as you can agree, some wanted to leave him in on mount Taygetos to die from the elements or to be eaten by wild animals as was our way with sickly or disabled babies but it was thought that maybe I'd grow into my looks a bit more as I got older.

In those days we just didn't do disabled people, there was no building ramps or kneeling buses, no awkward moments when you want to stare at them but want to remain cool and so ignore them as you would anyone else but then get accused of discrimination. Should disabled people be treated like everyone else or should everyone else be treated as disabled people? ..... too much to ponder. 

In my day toddler training consisted of tough love, we'd be left alone in dark unfamiliar places for hours, half starved and crying, when me mammy came home from her bare knuckle tournaments she'd wash me in wine that would sting my eyes and tell me off for being so needy.

At the age of seven I was taken away from home to start my military service like all the boys did. We'd learn to be disciplined, not to let discomfort get to us, we learned martial arts and taught to run around half naked in the cold or the heat because the older men to whom we looked to for guidance liked it.
We'd be given lashes of the whip in a display to show how much we could take without crying out in pain, I'd usually win as it takes a while for pain to reach my brain, I also have a thick fuzzy pelt of hair on me back which also helped. I must say that a flogging is a great way to get rid of warts or suspect moles.  

Don't get me wrong it was a great childhood .... when I mean great a loving hug would have been nice and I don't mean from older men trying to guide me. Apart from that it was spot on.

We learned to survive on our wits, to scavenge and steal in order to survive. We had taken a whole nation as our slaves, they had great farm land and so we wanted it. Those people were called the Helots and outnumbered us 10 - 1, always revolting and trying to retake their lands, to show them what cunts we were we'd tell our 13 year-old boys that killing a Helot was a rite of passage.

They were adults and strong from working the land but when faced with a 13 year-old who has spent his life learning to kill with a xiphos which was a sword only 12 -16 inches long they never stood a chance. Stab stab stab in the groin cutting the femoral artery then running off .... that kept the slaves in their place.

Such an upbringing made Old Knudsen into the man he is today, my therapist thinks I could have done without the brutality but she doesn't understand. Back in my day it was, 'fucking Persians, lets kill them all or die trying' .... the die trying bit seemed a little extreme to me and so me back always conveniently gave out before a battle.  
Now it's 'fucking Muslims' same people but in my day it was honest racism, none of that religious shite.

Well it's good to see that children are being taken away from their homes and taught how to kill and die, putting the state, or the cause before themselves. Those children are being taught this by the likes of Hamas and ISIS and so I guess that makes us the Helots now. 


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pedophilia Trending

New Pope new church, isn't it great how the Catholic church has become more open and modern since Pope Francis took over from Benedict the Nazi? .... What do you mean it's not really changed? Well it at least looks a bit friendlier since Pope Fanny smiles an all right?

The church hasn't changed its hate filled views on equality and gheys nor has it rooted out all it's pedos .... as if it ever will.
Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski was arrested at his home in the Vatican for having more than 100,000 sexually explicit files on his computer. 160 videos showing teenage boys forced to perform sexual acts on themselves and on adults and more than 86,000 pornographic photos all meticulously archived.

 I bet you don't know what I'm thinking about.

A further 45,000 pics had been deleted and a second stash was found on the laptop he used while abroad.
He had been recalled to Rome last year after the Dominican Republic media alleged he hired rent boys, it's being investigated as to what else he has been up to.

Again I ask the question is it pedos attracted to Christianity or does the religion turn you into one? 

The 66 year-old has had decades of doing what he does and would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that meddling media ...... yep, the same old church they don't do anything to protect the innocent until they can't avoid it any longer and only like children when they are in the womb.    

John Grisham, not looking like a creepy sex offender.

Writer John Grisham stood up for men who look at child pornography when during an interview he said, "We have prisons now filled with guys my age, 60-year-old white men, in prison, who've never harmed anybody (and) would never touch a child, but they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons and went too far and got into child porn. ... They deserve some type of punishment, but 10 years in prison?"

Guys yer age huh, now we know what you've been up to. I wonder if Archbishop Wesolowski had too much to drink one night, pushed some wrong buttons and before he knew it had 200,000 odd child pornography images on his computer.

I will agree that some sentences are silly compared to others as many rapists don't even get 10 years but you should know that no one mistakenly downloads child pornography, wise the fuck up, the computer doesn't type in those words for you and then hits the download button. He then cited a case in which a "friend" of his did download child pornography. "He went to a website, and it was labeled, 16-year-old wannabe hookers or something, some stupid website. And it said 16-year-old girls. So he went there and downloaded some stuff."

"It was 16-year-old girls that look 30. ... He shouldn't have done it. It was stupid. But it wasn't 10-year-old boys, and he didn't touch anything."

Michael B. Holleman, aged 59 graduated from law at the University of Mississippi with Grisham in 1981, he was arrested in 1997 and jailed for 18 months. He not only pushed the wrong buttons while drinking one night but he also sent pornographic images of gurls under 18 and some as young as 12 to an undercover agent in Canada who then touted to the FBI.

Such an outrage, especially when it's someone you know right? Does Grisham not realise that a child  has indeed been hurt in those images? He should know better than anyone that pictures are just a step away to indulging in the flesh, pedos have to start somewhere. The excuse of well she might have been 3 but she looked like a 5 year-old doesn't cut it.
He seems to think that looking at underage girls is ok but at boys is just wrong. Just because you can look doesn't mean you should.

I think that Grisham was surprised when there was a backlash after saying this, he issued a statement saying that he does not condone child pornography but we know that only applies to "real pedophiles" as he calls them and obviously not to anyone that he went to college with.  


I think we can all agree that the Japanese are sick fuckers when it cums to sex, a repressed and angry lot even their cartoons are sick.

Robul Hoque, aged 39 was up in court in England for having child pornography on his computer, the thing was that it was anime. 288 pictures and 99 moving images, but none were of real people.

Anime is shite and it does worry Old Knudsen that many seem to be turned on by a well built woman with the head of a child in a weird mini skirted sailor outfit or what they think that school girls should wear, that really does say a lot.

Hoque had been in trouble before with computer animated images of children that looked as real as photographs ... but weren't of any living child. Is this really a crime? What about if you kill someone in a computer game are you likely to do that in real life?

We arrest you for the future crime of pedophilia, they should do a movie about that staring Tom Cruise.
Logically this is very silly since it doesn't harm anyone and if that person has the intent to harm children they'll be going for the real thing rather than the pretend abuse ... this still makes you a sick little puppy though. Hoque is single and lives with his mum in case you hadn't guessed it.

Certain Manga style images were only made illegal in 2010 so it's still a gray area within the law, is this like the Muslim extremists who go crazy when you draw a picture of  Muhammad? It's just a fucking cartoon for fucks sake. I wonder if Hoque also had pictures of Wile E Coyote that he wanked too. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

Forever Bitter

So TV executives are sitting spit balling ideas on TV shows and the boss says, "shows about immortal guys working as cops makes me hard, get er done." ... Great idea CJ ... marvelous, another genius idea ... that's why yer the boss.

Ioan Gruffudd plays the charming but English uber intelligent lead, with the deductive powers of Dr House and Sherlock but he's not a wanker. Judd Hirsch plays the token old guy who he adopted out of a concentration camp, there is also the hot female detective who will never compare to Ioan's true loves ... and so she is just a guy with tits. 
My name is Henry Morgan. My story is a long one. Something happened nearly two centuries ago, and I was transformed. My life is just like yours except for one small difference... it never ends. Over the years, you could say I've become a student of death. You see, I need to find a key to unlock my curse. So I currently work for the New York City Medical Examiner's Office. It holds the largest collection of slightly chilled corpses in the world. If your game is death, you go where the action is.

It's good that the US police lets their medical examiners out into the field so much and are very relaxed on procedure. Well it's good if yer an immortal or a serial killer working as a police forensics expert.  

My name is Ichabod Crane, I was enlisted in the Queen's royal regiment and sent to the American colonies to fight the patriots. It didn't take long for me to have a change of heart. In 1781 I died on the battlefield but I was saved by a mysterious spell cast upon me by my beloved wife Katrina. Now I've been awakened 250 years later and fate led me to miss Abigale Mills a young police lieutenant investigating baffling mysteries. We are now bearing witness to strange events and dark forces, they foretell that our realm is in danger and that the Apocalypse may be upon us .

I don't know if Ichabod is immortal or not but what a cool name Ichabod is, I want to name my next boy child Ichabod, I was going to go with Mr Pickles again but Ichabod it is. His female detective is a guy with tits as Ichabod pines away for his wife who was in purgatory but is now shacked up with the headless horseman ... a long story. 
Icky continues to dress like the 1700's because skinny jeans didn't do it for him and he continues to be confused about working his cell phone ... Hey who isn't?  The lass was in the movie Shame and got shagged by Michael Fassbender in the movie and in real life, a great scene ... is it odd that I've seen that scene many times but haven't watched the movie? 

It's a silly show, a fish out of water premise with end of times Gog bothering. I can just imagine Tom Mison who plays Ichabod reading the script and saying, "I was in Hamlet for fucks sake!"   Like most upper class English leads Ichabod has an Eidetic memory and so knows all the languages and facts which helps the plot along, unlike in Buffy and Supernatural and roller boy Stephen Hawking who rely on Google for their knowledge.       

 More like Forever Shite!

He was brought across in 1228, preyed on Human's blood . Now he wants to be mortal again. He repays society for his sins to emerge from his world of darkness, from his unending forever night. 

A TV show from the 90's that became popular because .... maybe there wasn't that must else like it then? Of course this vampire becomes a cop because cops don't go out during the day. It was lame, it was Canadian.
I don't care what you say but shows shot in Canada may be less expensive to make but you can always tell it's Canadian which spoils it a little, when they don't pretend and are set in Canada it also spoils it as what the fuck happens in Canada? Then you have actors trying to be American stereotypes but say aboot during their big scene.

Like the Highlander movies and TV show spin offs there are always flashbacks to former days which I find so boring but that's just me. Just a chance to wear wigs.  

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in a similar show to Forever, with the token old guy and the female detective ... but it got cancelled which is not cool. I could watch him in anything, including ghey porn, totally in ghey porn. I just cannot get over Scandinavian people (he's Danish, yes I could eat him) speaking better English than wot we talk.     

In 1642 John Amsterdam gave his life for a woman in return she gave him a gift, a gift that he would not grow old, he would not die until he was united with his one true love. Things change, technology, the economy, science, progress, all of it gets old except me. Now he's using lifetimes of experience to help others as a New York homicide detective. There's no where he hasn't been, there's nothing he hasn't done. While he brings closure to others lives, he's still searching to find closure of his own.       

So there is the chance he's done ghey porn then? 

No, I'm keeping him. He can be my token black dude and token old guy all in one.

Like a guy with tits .... no seriously she has a cock too, but she'll cost you extra. 

In 500 AD I awoke in puddle of vomit and someone else's blood. I had killed an old gypsy wizard who cursed me with his final breath. He cursed me with immortality, hey it could have been a lot worse like the herpes I managed to get myself. I am now Immoral .... er Immortal but because I didn't pay attention in school I cannot join the police or be a medical examiner working with a hot female detective so to make up for my sins I became a forever pimp. I treat my gurls good since most of them are my children and I will not rest until I find that pen I lost in 1994 cos it wrote very nicely and had a rubber grip and seriously pens don't just fucking well vanish .... in my world of forever bitter.  

Who the fuck would become a peeler solving crimes? Makes you wonder how many immortals there are in the police, must be a few as being immortal makes you a bit of a know it all. I won't say how old I was in 500AD, I've had a hard life, it's not as easy to make yer fortune as you think it is, I had all this gold and priceless works of art saved up then the fucking Yanks had to liberate them in 1944, the thieving gits.

 This guy is huge in the stock market.

After the crash of 1929 I keep all my stocks in a box under me bed, of course all those stocks have gone down. Being immortal would drive many a person insane, especially waiting centuries for a cure for Syphilis and after years of solitary confinement for crimes you don't even remember committing or when they change the law to trap you ... is it not legal to kill Native Americans anymore? I can't keep up.  Luckily Old Knudsen's mind has gone from strength to strength and he has become amazingly wise an shit.


Friday, 17 October 2014

When Was Jesus Actually Born?

Jesus H Christ, not born of original sin but rather deity rape ... Odin and Zeus did that often too. 
The Belfast Telegraph posted a letter from a crazy fucking Bible thumper bloke in Bangor about when the birthday of Jesus really was. As I read what this crazy individual was saying I was glad that I wasn't a world leader in charge of nukes as Bangor certainly would have gotten one. He starts of his letter. 

CHRISTMAS seems to be assaulting the senses even earlier each year, as media outlets vie to promote the season as soon as the summer months begin to wane.

Yes assaulting the senses with yer fucking Gog bothering, that's because we don't know how to do Halloween properly. Kids going around houses usually have intimidation on their minds as they cover their faces with the hoods and masks they use for flegging when they brick the police.

I haven't seen any media outlets go on about it unless you count this crazy assed letter in the paper but then that would be a self fulfilling prophecy type thing. I WANT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT CHRISTMAS BEING TALKED ABOUT EARLIER AN EARLIER EVERY YEAR! 

We have Halloween and Christmas stuff on the shop shelves at the same time, look at the price of that, my senses are well assaulted. 

We also don't have Thanksgiving because we're a load of ungrateful fuckers, what is there to be thankful about? the government doesn't give me enough in benefits to keep me thankful all the time, I can usually only afford to be grateful a few times a week with a bottle of beat the wife and a bag of glue.
I'd be all for Thanksgiving if the Doctor would up me pain meds and stop holding back the good shit.

Christmas' or 'Christ's Mass' is the celebration of Christ's birth in the Western hemisphere, whereas the Eastern and Orthodox churches mark it on January 7. So who is correct?

Error in logic, why do you assume that either is correct? instead of saying So who is correct you should have said what the fuck? I think that Australia also celebrates it too, are they west or east?  

By the fourth century, the celebration by non-Jewish (or Gentile) Christians of the "Mass of Christ" to mark the birth of Jesus became the norm as the congregations became increasingly Gentile.

The norm?  In the 4th century the various sects didn't have a norm, they were getting their scripture from all over the place and as any history buff knows, a lot of Christianity has been stolen and changed from Pagan beliefs. The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great needed to unite all the churches in order to unify what was left of the Roman Empire so he got the various Christian leaders to agreed on what was the word of God .... what was holy canon.

He got these holy men (cos women get a say in fuck all) together at the Council of Nicaea, they weren't doing it for their own good, he paid them and they all voted on what words came from God and what didn't. A lot of stuff got left out, does that mean then that Christians don't have all the words of God and so are wrong? ... looks that way.

The norm you say?  

 Just like my hoose at Christmas. 

This distanced the church from Jewish teaching and the significance of the biblical feasts that Jesus celebrated. One such is the Feast of Tabernacles. This recalls the exodus of the Israelites as they made their way from Egypt into the Promised Land and lived for 40 years in makeshift dwellings.
When this celebration falls in September/October, Jewish homes around the world are decorated much in the way Christians decorate their homes for Christmas.

Well the Romans who ran the show were Pagan but Christians were gaining ground as it was easy to incorporate Pagan celebrations into Christianity so it wasn't a big stretch. Judaism was and still is a tight knit selective club to get into and if you liked having yer foreskin then it must have seemed quite weird.
I agree with some of this bit but it had more to do with Pagan celebrations that focused around nature.

Greek culture was horrified that anyone namely the Colchians, Ethiopians, Phoenicians, Syrians, and Macrones, as well as Egyptian priesthood would circumcise themselves and put it down to primitiveness, barbarity, backwardness, superstition, and oppression ...  when they are right they are right.
The Romans didn't like it either and if a slave owner got circumcised and had his slaves done also he'd be sent to an island in exile and all his land and property taken. Looks like Christianity was just a more um civilised form of Judaism, sort of the anti-Judaism as not everyone can be into that shit and the Romans didn't really like the Jews much as they could never really control them.  

Like voting UKIP, Christianity was a protest vote.

Genital mutilation is serious shit and any God that wants my willy skin can fuck off.

4th century Jews had tinsel cos they ruled the world.

Yes the Jews do put up decoration but you want to compare it to Christmas decorations? Most of our ideas for Christmas decoration came from the Pagan Germans. The Jews (out in the desert) set up a makeshift shack and hung some gourds up so they could party .... no evergreen pine trees there.  They celebrate several things like the coming out of the desert after 40 years (still don't know why they wandered for 40 years, people usually call that being a nomad) they also celebrate the harvest just like everyone did back then as the harvest kept them alive during the winter months it wasn't just a cute pumpkin fest. They also put in the end of the Torah reading cycle and this Feast of Tabernacles would last for 8 days or 9 days, something like that which our friend from Bangor didn't mention.     
From my own studies, I believe Yeshua (Jesus) was born on the first day of Tabernacles. Tabernacles this year begins on '15th Tishrei'. This means Yeshua's birthday fell yesterday, Thursday, October 9.
Bangor, Co Down

 Emperor Constantine had a dream.

Yer own studies seem to have missed quite a bit, this was sent in by letter, do you even have the Internet? We'll soon see as I bet he Googles himself, seems the type.

Yet again must I say how Jesus' birthday was decided because it's the winter solstice. It was decided to offset the celebrations of  Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti which were Pagan celebrations because guiding Pagans to Christianity is easier than guiding Jews.

It's the rebirth of the sun God not the birth of the son of God, now Mr Nevin which one sounds more feasible? The whole, 'well the Jews put up decorations' is a bit of a stretch .

So if you go for the 25 DEC then Jesus was a Capricorn which made him a hard worker, generous with his time and money but a bit of an elitist and a control freak, that sounds right. Being on the cusp of Sagittarius he could swing from  extreme optimism to dull despondency and since he hasn't returned to Earth after promising to do so he probably has that Sagittarius love of procrastination .

On 9th OCT he'd be Libra which would make him a real people person who likes the surprises that life throws at him  .... surprise! the Jews don't like you and got the Romans to torture you to death and yer holy rapist Da let them, hope you liked that one.

Like Joan of Arc I think if Jesus did exist he'd have mental issues, yes my dad is up there on a cloud judging you. 

Emperor Constantine decided not to persecute Christians the way his father had as it didn't work so he embraced them. Christianity seems to be what kept him in power and dreaming that a slant cross painted on armour and shields that could make him victorious in battle is a good story and he tells it well. Signs for protection, so very Pagan.

So this Pagan Roman Emperor commissioned Christians to come up with the word of God and then used that as his brand, he even converted to show he had brand loyalty. There is nothing in the Bible that says when Jesus was born, from 200 AD onwards it's been celebrated in January, April and May, the latter having been confused with God's gift to weemen .... Old Knudsen.

If you do yer own studies into it then you've probably got too much time on yer hands, when was Santa's birthday ? What about King Arthur, Robin Hood, King Kong or Sherlock Holmes .... did they have birthdays too?

I won't argue which date it is since that would be stupid, I'd look like a right Nevin but what kind of cunt would you be if you told yer kids no presents for Christmas as it's the wrong date (in my drug addled mind) and seriously Christmas is about buying people shit they don't want and to assault yer senses with drink.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bill Maher Joins Fox News


Old Knudsen can't get over the whole Bill Maher saying that Islam is evil thing. He rolled out statistics and facts which were not correct and showed that he had a very limited understanding of Islam. He is a smart guy and a Liberal, this was not something he should have said ... and when Sean Hannity of Fox News agrees with you then you know you've gone to the dark idiotic side. It seems that maybe Maher is just a dick after all.

Is Islam evil? .... Is Christianity? .... Is Atheism?

Jeffrey Dahmer, Than Shwe, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin and Kevin Bacon are/were all Atheists, does that make all Atheists evil?    

Everything can be evil. 

In Islam you have verses that say, 'Kill the infidels wherever you find them' The kafirs must either convert to Islam, pay a tax on not converting or be murdered. When the Moors invaded Spain they did this, as did the Christians when they re-invaded it. Pretty common practice for both sides.

 The real Richard the Lionheart was an antisemitic cunt who didn't speak a word of English. 

During the Third Crusade in 1191, Richard the Lionheart attempted to negotiate terms of surrender with the Saracens and held 2,700 men women and children hostage in exchange for Christian prisoners, gold and the true cross.
Saladin whose army were under siege had difficultly getting everything and so Richard had the prisoners beaten to death or hacked down and their bellies slit open in search for swallowed gems all in sight of the Saracens.
Killing the enemy in cold blood is not a Muslim thing.

People (like me) point to Allah marrying his niece Aisha, only 6 years old. Cuntries where early marriage are most practiced are Bangladesh, Chad, Guinea, Mali, Mozambique and Niger.

Pakistan wants to abolish age restrictions and in the rural regions of Turkey it goes on though it's against Turkish law. It happens all over the Middle East like in Yemen and of course in evil Saudi Arabia.

In 2008 The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints only stopped their underage marriages when the law finally stepped in. Saying that you can marry a 13 year-old gurl in New Hampshire and a 12 year-old in Massachusetts. No wondered the Kennedys settled there.

Being a pedophile is almost a requirement to be a Christian, what about the thousands of children abused by the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army? David Koresh who claimed he was Jesus liked them young and crispy. 

Don't forget the verse, 'Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.' and  'I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and daughters.'

Religious people do not seem to care for children unless they are unborn. 

There is a verse that says that all infidel slaves who are captured are obviously given to them by Allah and so raping that makes raping them halal cos yer doing it for Muhammad. 

Christians liked their slaves too, 'Slaves, accept the authority of your masters with all deference, not only those who are kind and gentle but also those who are harsh.'

It ain't rape if you belong to me, Allah says that you are property, sandwich me! 

A Muslim woman is the property of her husband, she cannot deny him sex and he can beat her if she disobeys him. Since any disobedience goes against Allah it is not domestic abuse nor is it rape.

Christians believe that women have no authority over men (as seen in many churches who don't allow female ministers) According to Paul who didn't get laid much, women should be silent, submissive and dress modestly.

 Do Muslims have morals? Not according to Islamophobes though they fail to mention that nearly 76% of violent criminals are Christian at the times of committing their crimes.

Credonia Mwerinde was the high priestess and co-founder of  the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a sect that splintered from the Roman Catholic Church in Uganda. She had seen the Virgin Mary and saw this as a sign that the world would end in 2000. While 500 members were in the church singing for the end that never came the church was set on fire, the total estimate of bodies of men women and children came to around 1000. Credonia Mwerinde and her buddy Joseph Kibweteere who also saw Mary are still alive and on the run.

An Islamic Group killed 62 tourists in Luxor in 1997 in order to make Egypt a more Islamic state. 

You can find a lot of crazy shit in religious scripture, some people may believe in it while others see that maybe rape, slavery and pedophilia is wrong.

You know who believes all that extremist shit? The poorly educated that's who. Imagine yer some dumb person who shovels shit all day cos you didn't have an education or the opportunities that others had.
Someone comes along with some scriptures and says, 'Hey your culture didn't value learning and you were too busy working in the copper mine from an early age or shooting empty beer cans but these words from a magical being says yer special and look at me, I drive a BMW so it must be true.'    

Is everyone like that? 

Is Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head for writing for the BBC about her life under the Tallyban like that?
She just won a Nobel peace prize and goes to school in Birmingham .... England. Would Bill Maher shake her hand and respect her Islamic beliefs?

In 2001 Bill Maher said, " We have been the cowards, lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away. That’s cowardly, staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, it’s not cowardly."

Yer so funny Bill .... did I say funny? I mean to say yer such a fucktard.  

Anything not full on supporting what Bush was saying at that time was seen as anti-American and no doubt led to the cancellation of his ABC show and caused him to move to HBO. In those 13 years did he learn what the people would accept?
He pretty much had a free pass to say whatever from his Liberal buddies, many of those still support what he is saying even though some of those statistics were wrong, 64% of Egyptians supported death for leaving Islam not 90% as Maher said. It still shows there are plenty of dicks in Egypt. It's less than 5% in Turkey and they have as many Muslims as Egypt in case you wanted to know.

In 2010 Maher expressed his concern that Mohammed was the most popular boy's name of children born in the UK. I don't know where he got his information as Oliver was the top boy's name but if you took the various spellings of Mohammed which were all in the top 100 and added them up you'd have Mohammed at number 4 ..... but it wasn't, it was Alfie. Mohammed was at number 17.

Maher said, "Am I a racist to feel that I’m alarmed by that? Because I am. And it’s not because of the race, it’s ’cause of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam in 300 years?"   

No, yer a moron who read the story wrong and gave out incorrect data, something you seem to do a lot. 4.6% is the percentage of Muslims in the UK, they ain't going to be taking over any time soon and where will you be in 300 years? 

Ben Affleck was right, the way that Maher talks about Muslims is the same way that whites talk about blacks or about immigrants or how Nazis talked about the Jews, the whole thing tastes racist and though Ben was on to promote his movie it was good that calling Maher's view gross and racist was his first reaction, that shows what kind of person he is rather than a sycophant. Many idiots have slammed Affleck for being just a dumb actor, it shows you that just like all the other hypocrites, Liberals will eat their own.     

Maher hates religion and there are millions of reasons to hate it. He needs to understand what power words have and not to feed hatred and bigotry.  He never mentioned that a figure from 2004 has 98% of international terrorists as being male, this goes without saying usually as people are too busy trying to pin the acts on racial or religious groups. He also didn't mention that 90% of terrorists are white.

There is a lot not getting mentioned, it's as if the full story isn't being told, probably because Maher doesn't understand it.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindu ... whatever, you'll have some who try to do it right and not force it (or their penis) doon yer throat and you have some in it for the spiritual benefits that lying to yerself has rather than being in it to oppress and dictate to others.

Yer all wrong and yer morons but I support yer right to be a wrong moron if yer not harming others.

Do not hate people for what they are, just the bad shit they do  


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Agenda 21


China is about to over take the US as the world's largest economy and what I've always said is that you don't get to be a big shot in business without being a total cunt. Does anyone trust the Chinese or the US government to do the right thing? Going by past actions there is no reason to. Both cuntries have poor human rights records when it comes to imprisonment and torture.

Agenda 21 is an  action plan brought to the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. 178 governments voted to adopt the program.

The program works at the sustainability of the world's resources, to take the power away from the people in order to control the over-population of the world. 7.125 billion people is the latest world population amount, we need to shave at least 2 billion off that number to be comfortable.

Nobel physicist Robert Laughlin said, “Earth didn’t replace the dinosaurs after they died, she just moved on and became something different.”   

We are the new dinosaurs, climate change isn't the problem, it's too many people. 75 million new babies a year just think of the amount of dull Facebook posts. Old Knudsen doesn't just want a dislike button on Facebook he wants a yer baby is fugly button.

We don't like to think of this problem as how do you get rid of 2 billion people? Yes lets ignore the problem and tackle climate change instead.

China, India and the US in that order are the biggest breeders, other nations in order of the most are Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan,Bangledesh, Nigeria, Russia and Japan ... that is the top ten.

We civilsed westerners can look at that and say, 'some of those countries could do with a bit of a culling, especially the brown and black ones, you know, the kind of people we kill with drones and liberate.'  

 You don't have to be black, convert to Caucasian it's awesome!

The population of Europe is a steady amount but is increased by immigrants and who are we kidding? The US will soon be a nation of brown people thanks to the Hispanics. It's a difficult world for elitist white people .  

If only a virus could be introduced to a cuntry with a high population of those people who aren't us. Of course we ourselves will have to have a few loses to look good.

Agenda 21 wants population stabilization with a control and reduction of the global population.

You can try and educate and indoctrinate people with programs called No child left behind or something silly like that as you need as you need the poorly educated Gammas and Deltas for the brave new world, even the Epsilons have their place clearing the shit of the upper Alpha and Beta classes.  

 I'm a Beta .... in fact I'm yer Master Beta. 

"I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas." 

Maybe the government will introduce tax incentives to not have children. In South Korea they give women who have had 2 or more children a toaster and a free hysterectomy.
China has prevented 250 million births over a decade with their one child policy which doesn't seem to help them that much since they are number one in financial growth and baby making.

If Soylent Green is the choice then maybe eating dog and insects isn't that bad. 

Will the government put spermicide into yer food and water next if you keep breeding? If you can't drink the tap water due to pollution then here have this cheap bottled water (the kind the Alphas and betas wouldn't drink) see how we look after you?   

Maybe there will be a vaccine for that Ebola you don't have. The people are no doubt shitting themselves by now about Ebola. The population is trained to jump at the chance of getting a flu jab when they come out, old people and children huh. Of course you can still get the flu even with yer jab, just like there are different strains of Ebola. Old Knudsen may have got the flu once in his life which is pretty good considering he doesn't do flu jabs. Excuse me while I have little faith in medical science.

 Land grabs all over the world to control the resources. Drilling for oil is so 20th century.

Agenda 21 wants to take private land out of the hands of the people so the government has it all and you have no access to it. The US government own 650 million acres, or 29% of the nation's total land and the Obama Administration is currently on a land grab mission with very little explanation for it.

Sun fuel is the key to future power.  

In California the Bureau of Land Management gives you the voluntary option to sell yer land to them, of course when they take away yer rights to build or farm yer land in order to protect some endangered kangaroo rats then yer land has very little value .... you still have to pay property taxes on that land though. If you don't pay yer taxes then that gives them another reason in the courts why they should own it.

While the government uses the the protection of wildlife to seize thousands of acres in Callyfornia they use grazing and water rights on ranches in New Mexico and Texas. So what if yer ancestors bought that land and those rights in the 1800's the U.S. Forest Service will change the rules to get you out.

Still don't believe in Agenda 21? Each US state can do it on a voluntary basis ... just like how you can sell yer land on a voluntary basis. Arizona has passed a state law saying no to Agenda 21.
Many European cuntries zoning rights have been changed to suit the governments and farmers lose access to water just like in the US and face increasing price hikes if they want to grow non-GMO food.  

Part of Agenda 21 is getting rid of cars from city centres, seems like a nice idea so they charge toll prices and cities like London and Copenhagen have created iron rings that restrict where you can enter the city from and then yer subject to surveillance, monitoring, and tracking. The Golden gate bridge has also set this surveillance system up.
In Europe 300 cities have joined the Sustainable Cities campaign with many ideas on how to control the cities, including who lives there.

It's about creating millions of small governments with only a small core of "average" people living in tower blocks and not having freedom to own things or to travel. The government will own all the resources.  You already comply with this through willful ignorance as you let the government make it easy to track yer every movement with a trail of electronic purchases and a GPS on yer phone. 

Make sure you register to vote because yer vote really makes a difference ... um when did my vote ever make a difference?  

Some dicks putting on protection.

We know who part of the problem is don't we? Go forth and multiply and every sperm is sacred. Agenda 21 has been blasted as a tool for the antichrist. Typical sky fairy believers don't really accept there are consequences for their actions because it's all Gog's plan right? Have you seen God's plan in the Bible? We all die.  
If Old Knudsen is to be judged then please let it be for his earlier work as the stuff he does now is total shite.

To get an Agenda 21 safe environment for future generations you do have to get rid of people now, unless of course you need the breeding stock for sexual abuse. Who do you think would want that?

I have always wondered why when some natural disaster occurs, governments tend to take their time in sending out help. They tend to drag their feet letting unnecessary hardship and death occur. Maybe they are putting thought into the situation or need to sleep on it. If only nations had emergency reaction teams set up for any emergency as most emergency requires the same basic things. 

Thanks to the UN, world leaders have it in the back of their heads that the average Joe on the street is expendable, especially if they are from another nation, they won't let convicts die in their care but you are another matter.
Over population will have to be addressed because if they continue to take care of it covertly as they are doing they won't make enough of a difference, get those vaccines cranked out or we'll have to have another world war.
They need to up their game as in another few decades you'll be lucky to have dog for dinner.   

Ebola and malaria are our friends.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Veteran Told To Remove Flag

 This is as close as we could get before they started shooting at us.

Kartobi ... Syria. Alyn Al-el Mosi a veteran fighter of ISIS has been told by the owners of the apartment building that he lives in to take his ISIS flag down. Mosi fought hard under his flag killing hundreds of unarmed men women and children only to face this kind of discrimination.

He said, "I kill infidel in the name of Allah ... bless his merciful name and now I feel like I want to kill more, is this not a free caliphate? The people downstairs have that yah yah yah music all the time when I'm online trying to recruit people and looking at tumblr and no one says anything to them."

The owner who refused to give his name said that while we thank Al-el Mosi for his service the flag goes against his rental agreement and apartment policy and so must be removed. 

Mohammed Khali al-wahwah is a former ISIS fighter now living in the UK, even though he has tested positive for aids and Ebola he was able to live rent free in a 7 bedroom council house in Essex with his wife and 8 children. He gets paid £3,750 a week in benefits and has just had a boob implant operation on the NHS because his body issues were making him depressed. 

I'm not trying to make a point, I just think he has very nice tits. 

David Cameron says, "Well I personally think that anymore than a handful is a waste but if it helps to bring peace to the world then I say YES, are you going to say no to world peace? Maybe if the British people stopped being cunts and smiled a little more then our young people wouldn't be going off to be a Jihadi in Syria, why have a miserable life there when you can do that at home?"  

Has anyone just stopped with the firing of the missiles and put their arm around an ISIS fighter and said, "are you all right my friend?" .... oh wait they have? .... they were beheaded and their cuntry mocked on Twitter? 

Why yes I do have a backup idea.