Saturday, 20 December 2014

The CIA Let It Go

Tell us where Queen Elsa of Arendelle is or it's goodbye snowballs.

Kind CIA employees collected 26 bins of toys for the annual Toys for Tots Marine Corps Reserve campaign.
CIA Director John Brennan thanked everyone for their efforts, “The men and women in uniform represent the best of this country.” Hear hear! even if it is Marines.

Brennan's personal donation to the campaign was a stuffed Olaf doll from the movie Frozen. “I understand that this is very popular, but I don’t know what it is.”  

“But as a new grandfather, I am going to have to get used to these things.”

The CIA began Operation Santa Claus in 1968 and since 2000 they have worked with the Marines on the Toys for Tots Foundation.

You don't know who or what the fuck Olaf is and we trust you to keep America safe and torture for the good of the many. That is what is wrong with the CIA .... Clueless. 

Of course any tots with families who are suspect will have recording devices and trackers in the toys if I can remember the original mission briefing from 1968. Buzz Lightyear has become one of the most decorated CIA operatives ever.

The CIA program Tots for Toys was very big in the 80's when the Berlin wall came doon and people wanted rid of their surplus children.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Kim Breaks Sony

Sony (a Japanese cuntry within range of North Korea's limp ass rockets) has cancelled the release of the movie The Interview. It stars James Franco and Seth Rogen who plot to kill Kim Jong-un in their comedy movie.
Kim Jong-un is famous for not having a sense of humour and taking himself too seriously, I mean just look at that hair cut, that is one serious hair do.  

Some hackers called The Guardians of peace have threatened to carry out an attack bigger than 9/11 if the movie comes out. Doesn't that seem like some stupid North Korean thing to do? Hitler was also a man of peace and would kill anyone that said otherwise.

The hackers have already released various damaging e-mails from Sony including employee social security numbers and salary details. I wonder what else they have or what Sony thinks they have that has put the frighteners on them.

 I keep in shape so I can eat what I like .... not sure what shape it is that I am though.

Kim Jong-un probably didn't like the Team America movie which featured his father as a Bond type villain and has suggested some form of reprisal if this new movie was made. You mean North Korea actually did something that worked even if it was just hacking?  No, not really .... North Korea have denied involvement in the attack, but has described it as a "righteous deed" that may have been carried out by its "supporters and sympathisers".

 He was also on the brink of invading the UK because of this poster in a hair salon.  

I understand how nervous Japan gets every time North Korea test their rockets, also with a successful hack into Sony they may very well fear being the reason for a terrorist attack. 

Sony's profits are down 5% which isn't much to them but it isn't over yet, there has been a lot of information taken from them . Many people have come out to say that Sony not showing the movie is giving in to terrorists which is not cool. What's next, giving into Internet Trolls? 

This story has definitely moved the spotlight away from CIA torture and the many deaths caused by the Tallyban and ginger ex-husbands and has the power to unite people for once against the bullies of the world which is what these hackers are. These hackers are attacking the freedom of speech as well as attacking art, if you can believe that. Why couldn't they have prevented the terrible After Earth or Monuments Men from being released? .... Because these hackers are the bad guys.

It's just a comedy movie, it's not a god bothering one that insults Muhammad or anything .... I bet Muhammad had a really serious hair cut too, he sounds like a douche-bag too. 

We can't let the terrorists or the hackers win and besides if anyone needs a harsh mocking it's Kim Jong-un the only fat person in North Korea. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Between The Lions

Big fat foreign actor Gerard Depardieu has often told the story about how he was in Africa and shot two lions in self defense ... like you do.

The car he was in broke down in Burkina Faso and 2 lions decided that the occupants were a nice bit of not so fast food.
The lions stood in front of the car and after hours of the lions not moving (probably only minutes) Depardieu got out of the car with his lion shooting gun and killed them.

Being a big fat fucker he was asked during an interview if he had eaten the lions to which he replied, 'mer qui' ..... lost me there, did you or didn't you?  People say oh don't worry the French all speak English, when you travel there but the fuckers refuse to just to piss you off.

His most favourite food is a large bird like a seagull or crow in between two slices of bread and covered in rouge sass, aye those Frenchies sure know how to eat .... they know fuck all about fighting or bathing but eating they are experts at. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Is Enhanced Interrogation Wrong?

To some people the CIA enhanced interrogation techniques were fine and totally justified. I suppose it's like not caring how the animals on yer dinner plate were killed you just want the end result.

The CIA methods didn't produce any real results. Having most of the guys locked up did give results. The enhanced interrogation or torture as the soft liberals call it was to get information to prevent further attacks like 9/11 on American soil. Obama stopped the torture in 2009 and in nearly 6 years without any torture to save us there have been no attacks.   

Wow, what does that say? According to their own CIA reports any information was gleamed by the usual methods of surveillance and contacts but it gave them something to do and outside contractors were brought in to do the torture and made millions out of it.

The wars of terror that Bush initiated made millions for companies like Haliburton, DynCorp, Washington Group International, Environmental Chemical, Aegis, International American Products, Erinys, Fluor, Perini, URS Corporation, Parsons, Armor Holdings .... the list goes on. It seems that there was always some way for someone to make a big profit on the wars started by George W Bush and company. 

That is what happens when you have businessmen who become politicians, they see politics as just a way to carry on doing business.

 Waterboarding seems to be a proud American tradition.

Enhanced interrogation consisted of the simplest of rations (bread and water) a dark cell and a hard bunk. Deprivation of sleep and stress exercises to cause exhaustion and beaten with a stick, if more than 20 blows are given a doctor must be present. 

No wait, my mistake, that is what the German Gestapo did if their psychological methods didn't work and they didn't use waterboarding ..... only a cunt would use that. 

The phrase the Nazis had was  Verschärfte Vernehmung which is the German version for enhanced interrogation, a better translation would be sharpened interrogation since it was their last resort torture unlike the CIA who started off with it.

So the Bush administration took their cue from the Gestapo .... still wondering if torture is fine and justified? That right there should tell you otherwise.

Bush used hypothermia to freeze the prisoners to near death then with repeated beatings, long forced standing positions, waterboarding, cold showers in air-conditioned rooms and stress positions. Injured or sick prisoners would be left for days in their cells and any medicine would be withheld.

When the Nazis did this we called them war crimes and hanged the fuckers, so what has changed? Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Rice and Powell discussed all of these methods and signed off on them.

Some of the detainees who were brutalised by the CIA torture were entirely innocent. There is only so much you can justify by remembering 9/11. Torture tends to take on a life of it's own and becomes more creative as lines get blurred.

Yes torture is wrong, it shits on all those who have served with honour and those who gave their lives and those who died in 9/11. War profiteering is also wrong. There are so many Americans and those of nations who aided and abetted the torture and the profiteering walking about free, we know who the ones at the top are.

These people committed war crimes as surely as the likes of  Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering Joseph Goebbels and Amon Goeth. Just because they are on your side or from yer cuntry doesn't make them any less guilty.
If you think that by lying about WMD's to get yer cuntry behind an invasion, profiting from that invasion with companies yer friends own and pissing on the human rights of prisoners of war doesn't make them war criminals than yer like the German people who ignored the falling ash from the ovens of the local death camp.   

Enhanced interrogations didn't save lives, what it did was show the world that America's shit does stink and the moral high ground has been lost.  

Monday, 15 December 2014

Fidel Castro Man Of Peace

The world knows that in 2012 Fidel Castro died. This has in no way slowed the man doon, only a shot to the head could do that.  Robert Mugabe also died in a hospital in Singapore in 2012 and he's still around but the oldest animated corpse still representing their cuntry has to be Prince Philip who died during a heart operation in 2011 and he's still in full obnoxious swing making racist comments to slitty eyed heads of state and feeding off the stem cells of orphan children.

Raul Castro couldn't stand to see his once strong brother shuffling around the jungle attacking the locals for brains and so earlier this year he decided to decapitate him ..... but the world was not finished with Fidel Castro. 

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop."  ~ Confucius

Fidel who has executed more than 5,700 with or without trial ... more than 2,000 died in prison and more than 2,000 disappeared. Anyone trying to escape Cuba by raft would have bags of sand thrown from helicopters to sink the rafts. He trained terrorists and guerrillas to fight in Africa, Columbia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala and Bolivia.

It has been estimated that the Cuban government, directly and indirectly, caused approximately more than half a million human deaths around the world.

"Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses."  ~ Confucius

So it's bygones then, no need to think about all of that nasty stuff. Fidel has just received the Chinese version of the Nobel peace prize. Since the Nobel is rigged and given to idiots who become president or get shot in the head the Chinese have honoured a true envoy of peace .... unless you count Africa, Columbia, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Guatemala and Bolivia.

"To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness." ~ Confucius

For never resorting to violence or force to settle disputes in international relations and emphasizing the need to eliminate nuclear war, the Confucius Peace Prize goes to Fidel 'murder machine' Castro.

Vladimir Putin, another man of peace (a little piece of Ukraine) has also won this prestigious world famous award.

Ignoring the whole Cuban missile crisis thing where the world was so close to annihilation does Cuba even have a fucking army? I don't mean Russian, I mean one of their own. 'Do as I say America or I shall invade you' not too difficult for his little island nation to not use force against a super power. 

As for promoting getting rid of nukes, the Pope talks about the redistribution of wealth but that doesn't mean he is going to give his billions away. Cuba is not going to give up its nukes .... what, Cuba has nukes?
Yes Russia had closed it's bases in Cuba and Vietnam in 2001 but due to rising tensions and a buffer zone around Russia created by Obama those bases re-opened in 2012 yes the same year Castro died.

So anyway, congrats my man, the Chinese/commie link has been solidified a little bit more, time for the chop. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ebola Begins

Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne has been the latest person to be infected by the Ebola virus in the US. It is thought he was bitten by a bat at his home in Wayne Manor. Mr Wayne has a large collection of bats for some reason.
"I wanted to be a symbol so I can be incorruptible, everlasting, now blood is coming out of my wiener and every time I fart it leaves a red stain on my Calvin Kleins."

The good news for Mr Wayne is that he's white and so will probably live. They only give the good stuff to the white people. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Icing On The Cake Of Bigotry

I don't wear a condom so I always pull out as to not leave DNA evidence.

Do you remember the story about Ashers bakery who refused to make a cake that was to be used during an the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia event because they said it went against their Christian beliefs? The case has been referred to the Equality Commission which has upset some people who don't like none of that equality shit.

Father Tim Bartlett in true Northern Ireland style is refusing to ever again talk to any ghey groups as his own form of bullying protest.  "I will be writing today to those groups from the gay community, with whom I have had a very constructive and ongoing engagement in recent years, to say that I am withdrawing my engagement until the right of all people, in this case Christians, to freedom of conscience is vindicated and respected by the Equality Commission and the gay community."

If they ever make it legal for weemen to have abortions in Northern Ireland will he pull out of engagement with young boys? ... didn't think so.
Aye the best way to resolve conflict is to walk away and refuse to talk to anyone, fuck away off ya twat, no one cares what you think anyway you pretend friend to Dorothy.

It's great that a hatred of queers and aborting babies unites the Catholic and Protestant communities in Ulster. We are a people who see hate and bigotry as a positive cultural thing.

The trick is to use pictures of them in mid sentence. 

Paul Girvan from the DUP doesn't want equality either. This is the fella who said he didn't have a problem with the burning of the Irish Tricolour flag on bonfires as it was the flag of a foreign cuntry. He wants a conscience clause put into equality laws, that means that if it goes against yer beliefs then yer within yer rights to discriminate.

I'm a Seven Day Adventist Calendar Baptist who works in KFC and refuse service to queers, steers, moosalims and unmarried mothers as I don't believe in equality and their lifestyle choices .... no blacks or immigrants either, that should go without saying.   

Just like the DUP to come up with backwards laws in a bid to make equality (which we don't have in Northern Ireland) more unequal.


Yes we should have a  conscience clause because the beliefs/opinions of Christians are far more important than equality and if you can't trust Christians to make the right and just decision then who can you trust?

That was sarcasm, you got that right? Anyone who reads a book full of contradictions, rape, murder, genocide and unicorns .... yes unicorns in the Bible and comes away with a set of morals and rules to lead their life by really needs some psychiatric help and maybe a more rounded education.


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Poor People Can't Cook Won't Cook

Nice wine glass collection.

Baroness Anne Jenkin who is on the House of Lords' Refreshment Committee that spends thousands of pounds on Champagne has come out and said that poor people in Britain are going hungry because they "don't know how to cook."

"We have lost a lot of our cooking skills, and poor people don’t know how to cook,"  she said at the launch of the feeding Britain report.

"I had a large bowl of porridge today. It cost 4p. A large bowl of sugary cereal will cost 25p." When Old Knudsen was fighting the English at Culloden, all we had were a few handfuls of oats to keep up of strength and we were grateful .... of course we did lose. 

There is always some wealthy or entitled cunt ready to tell the poor people what their problem is. The Baroness who claims £300 every day she attends the House of Lords and clocks in (even for a few minutes) is married to MP Bernard Jenkin, who, in 2009, was claiming £50,000 on his expenses to rent his sister-in-law's farmhouse so she knows all about being poor. 
Jesus will open up a can of nutrition on you.

Justin Welby the Archbishop of Canterbury is calling for government run food banks because he is shocked that people from the 1st world have to rely on food handouts in order to survive. 

This is while cunts like Jenkin has her oats and other MP's say that food banks are used by people who have made poor decisions in life or are addicted to free shit. 

Old Knudsen has been poor enough to have to use food banks in the past, he didn't use it for the great food or because he couldn't be arsed buying it, he used it because like all the others that use them they don't have a choice though the out of date muffins were nice. 

In the US, military families often have to go to food banks thanks to a lack of a living wage. Food banks exist because people need them not because people want them. People who work are also collecting foodstamps, the world is a shit hole in which working hard or serving yer cuntry does not guarantee a good standard of living. 

You get cans, rice and pasta from food banks so cooking is involved but many people don't have the tools or the place to cook in and storing cooked food is also an issue considering the tiny fridges they sell in the UK.

We don't need out of touch rich cunts telling us how to survive. Getting  £300 (which is 2 weeks wages for some) for 40 minutes of standing around excludes you from commenting on the poor .... now back to the kitchen woman and make me a 4p sandwich!    

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The CIA Get Paid To Lie

The CIA lied about the effectiveness of enhanced interrogation, otherwise known as torture. The CIA lied????? Wow that is so out of character for an organisation that often carries out illegal and covert operations all over the world and fabricates intelligence to over throw governments.

When the CIA do or say something you can bet they are also doing and saying far worse things than they are telling you about. They know where all the bodies are hidden, usually because it is them that put them there. 


John Rizzo the former chief legal officer for the CIA signed the ok for waterboarding to be used. By calling it along with the other various methods used enhanced interrogation instead of torture he side stepped the whole legality of it, just like a lawyer.  He also signed off on most drone strikes up to 2009.
You won't see the interrogation tapes for the waterboarding such as the 183 times that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded in March of 2003, that's because the CIA destroyed most of those tapes in 2005.

It's not illegal, it's just morally wrong and ineffective so lets not bother the American people with the details huh.

When giving the White house big wigs the information on enhanced interrogation Rizzo said that Colin Powell spoke up about the sleep deprivation and Condoleezza Rice spoke up about the forced nudity but no one in the room had any problem with the waterboarding. 

George W Bush said that enhanced interrogation procedures were "safe and lawful and necessary."

The CIA claimed that many pieces of intel was gained through enhanced interrogation but that was just not true. The CIA records themselves show that information alleged to have been gathered from enhanced interrogation was actually from informants and surveillance. What the prisoners being tortured actually told the CIA agents was whatever they thought would make them stop pouring water into their mouths.

In 2004 a source claimed there would be an attack before the Presidential election and said that a man named Janat Gul knew all about it. After an interrogation the CIA operatives said they doubted he knew anything. Gul was disorientated and was hallucinating seeing his wife and children in a mirror and begged the CIA agents to just kill him. CIA HQ said to keep on at him for another 47 hours so they slapped a diaper on him and set to work.

After that they still got nothing so they labeled him a known terrorist facilitator and transferred him to a foreign government who released him after they were done.

The original source of this terrorist plot then admitted the whole thing was made up. Of course the CIA still took credit for foiling the evil plan that never actually existed but who wants details? That will so teach Gul a lesson should he ever decide to become a terrorist.   

Back when Bush was President politicians could do almost anything dodgy and no one would say a thing because they would be too afraid to be called unpatriotic. The whole wars of terror invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan are perfect examples of the Edmund Burke quote, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" Opposition to Bush didn't exist until it was safe to criticize him. 

Now that old snake John McCain is sniffing the wind with his tongue and said about enhanced interrogation "stained our national honor, did much harm, and little practical good." He thinks his shit don't stink cos he was tortured in Nam and so he knows it all. This is the same man who voted to invade Iraq by saying that Saddam was  "A threat to every nation that claims membership in the civilized world by virtue of its respect for law and fundamental human values."

It turns out that it is America doing most of the threats to the civilised world with little or no respect for human values..... Ka - Chow!

Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton and John Kerry also sided with Bush and his outright lies  faulty CIA intel about weapons of mass destruction that Saddam never had. David Albright, a former United Nations weapons inspector and many other experts were silenced by the White house up to 6 months before the vote to invade even took place. It seems that the Bush admin had already made up their mind to invade anyway.

Senator Dianne Feinstein urged Bush to get the CIA to write up an estimate of just how much of a global threat Iraq really was.
Condoleeza Rice, the National Security Adviser more or less said, 'ain't nobody got time for that' when she said "We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud."

The only mushrooms are the American people, kept in the dark and fed on shit. 

I wanna invade Iraq, get me something on them. No really meant to say Iraq, not Iran.

 "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." ~ George W Bush.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Steak Pies And Ale Lies

  Janet Franks and Amanda Critchlow looking stunned .... maybe drunk. 

You hear about people finding things in their food such as a finger or a rodent, well this is the best story ever! These people found alcohol in theirs.

Amanda Critchlow, 56 from Cleethorpes, was tucking into a steak pie at an Asda cafe when her daughter Rebecca thought there was something odd about the meal, said she could taste ale in it.

After confronting the staff they informed them that it was indeed a steak and ale pie which didn't mention ale on the menu.  SHAME ON YOU ASDA!!!!  Asda is owned by WalMart so I'm sure this is a conspiracy of some kind.

Amanda, has been a practising Muslim for the past eight years but she does eat some non-Halal meat .... when it suits her I suppose. She has also had alcohol addiction problems and has endeavored not to consume alcohol for the past 28 years.

"I'm a recovering alcoholic and a practising Muslim – I wouldn't even eat a wine gum. I have been going to that cafe every Thursday for the past few months to have their steak pie. It's a lovely pie and now I know why I like it so much. I couldn't believe it when the staff told me it contained ale."

Not sure what wine is in wine gums but they should come with an alcohol content on the packet. Just so you know how many it takes for a kid to have before they are willing to get into yer Free Hugs van with the blacked out windows.

Amanda says she feels guilty at having broken her religion's laws on alcohol, the rule about the Halal meat is just silly so she isn't worried about that.

Her friend Janet who is 80 suffers from Alzheimer's, her medication specifies that she cannot consume alcohol. She is also prohibited from operating heavy machinery.

Anyone else, No one pregnant? .... ach like Janet cares, she's just happy to be a part of the team.

Amanda said that,  "When my addiction was at its worst I was drinking 15 bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale a day. I collapsed one day and the doctors told me that my liver had had enough. I was given the decision: carry on drinking or die."

The good news is that since she isn't on dialysis her liver has no doubt recovered and what little alcohol content there is in food gets burned off.
She is annoyed that you just don't know what yer eating. Her complaint to Asda went to the catering company then bounced back to Asda who contacted her to apologise and sent her out a gift voucher of £25 and a nice box of chocolate liquors. 

The truth is we don't know what is in our food cos they put fuck all information on the packaging. Janet has been frightened by the whole experienced and has lost trust in eating at the cafe .... it's really easy to scare and panic people with Alzheimer's over nothing so well done.

 Don't tell Janet about the Fluoride in the water.
Please do tell Amanda about the alcohol found in oral care and cosmetic products, there is no Heaven or 72 virgins in her future.

In 2012 Lee Handford, 38,was pulled over by police for speeding (he was in a car) and was recorded at being nearly double the legal drink drive limit. "I am truly sorry for what I did. It will affect me for the rest of my life. I will likely lose my job.  I didn’t feel like I had drank excessively. The steak and ale pie may have taken me over the limit."

He was banned from the road for 16 months, and fined him £165 with £85 costs. Inspector Stuart York, from Cheshire police, said a very sobering, " There is never any excuse for being over the drink-drive limit. Not only was he putting himself at risk he was also putting other road users lives at risk."

Fucking kill joy peelers, mind yer own business.

On the other side Bill Withers, 43, is a vegetarian alcoholic and is suing Tesco cafe for not telling him that the steak and ale pie served there had meat in it. Hardly his fault he was too drunk to notice the word steak.
"I love WWII and anything about Hitler so I became a vegetarian just like him, the pie was half eaten before I realised it was meat, as it came from Tesco it didn't taste like meat and yer my best fucking mate ..... no seriously, I love you man."

  Life on the streets can be tough.

Old Knudsen has had life long addiction problems, in fact when Lost was on I had to watch it every week, me wife couldn't take it any more and left me with the kids ... Or was she my gurlfriend? Anyways she left me with the children and what was I to do with them? If only she had taken them with her. 
I sold them on e-Bay and got the Lost boxed set except you can't really watch those shows over and over, they weren't that good and what the fuck was the smoke monster and that shark did have the Dharma logo on it's tail. 

Not my lowest point though, I once used to doon 12 steak and ale pies before breakfast and would take a straw into shops and suck out the innards of liquors when no one was watching, fuck I hate cherry flavour.
My then wife, might have been a gurlfriend or my older sister, they all blur after a while tried to help me quit but I wasn't ready to accept her help. I'd hide pies on strings out the windows, in upturned light shades, everywhere. It was after Sainsburys did a buy one get one free on beer battered onion rings that I was ready to stop.

A weekend onion ring bender you can't remember but the dead hooker in the garage linking you to all sorts of things has to be a turning point for anyone. 

Some people may laugh about these people and their pies and wonder how some people can be so dumb but you weren't there. Picking and choosing what offends us is what makes us human as does blaming someone or something else. I personally blame the parents, didn't they know what birth control is?

Monday, 8 December 2014

Two For Flinching

The British government should learn from the Americans. When you release classified documents redact the fuck out of them first. 14 men say they were tortured by the British army in 1971 and the government have just released the documents about the events. As you may remember ..... unless yer from outside of Northern Ireland we were having a wee civil war back then.

They said they were hooded, held in stress positions and beat if they moved, exposed to white noise, sleep and food deprivation. They were also flown in a helicopter and told they were at a great height, dangled then thrown out only to find they were just feet from the ground.

Not all of the men are alive today but the ones that are want some kind of justice, probably compensation because seriously, do they think soldiers are going to be jailed for this now or that Lord Carrington will be ordered to shoot himself like a gentleman? What a bunch of pussies!

Wah wah wah 40 years ago I was beat by the British army and not allowed me lunch, aye you've made up for it since ya fat fucker.  That sounds like nothing, you try being in the British army. The only difference is that it's yer choice and they pay you. I don't think the British government really cares what they do .... can't touch this! 

Who in 1971 could say they have been up in a helicopter? They should be bloody grateful. 

 "Tell them they are up a 100 feet and if they don't hand over their Lucky Charms you'll throw them out the door, is he crying? .... sweet."
The British army were ahead of their time. "We were only pretending to torture you, you've been punk'd."
Stress position? Ya always need to do yer stretching and limber up before you attempt yer upward facing doggy reverse cowgurl style pose. What kind of snatch and interrogation would it be if they had warned the people so they would have packed a lunch?

This is nothing compared to what else they have done. Tony Blair gave Gaddafi some of his enemies as playthings to sweeten a BP deal for fucks sake. Don't forget about Simon Cowell and One Direction if yer going to talk about torture.

It was the 70's, torture was more acceptable back then, as was blackface. Even Bewitched had blackface and I'm sure that plenty of the coloureds laughed too. I wonder if they were allowed to watch TV in prisons back then. Everyone smoked in schools and hospitals and not drinking and driving was just weird. Babies were given toys made out of lead everyone knew that if you hid under a table made out of asbestos a nuclear bomb wouldn't hurt you. 

Now you have the wishy washy liberals making hospital patients stand outside the hospital entrance in the cold for them to have a smoke, have times gotten better? 

Back in the 70's we never had pedos .... well you just didn't hear about them and as long as they preyed on kids in care homes we were happy. Now with the Berlin wall doon everyone is a pedo. 

These guys complaining about being tortured 40 years ago, what ungrateful bastards, just trying to spoil the 70's for the rest of us. 

If the people being held in Gitmo for no reason other than being Muslim ever get out are we going to hear their stories of torture?  How boring, torture usually goes without saying except it's called enhanced interrogation.
Seriously though being thrown out of a helicopter just feet from the ground, I guess some people just don't have a sense of humour.

The Crazy Ones

Just another reminder that the world is full of cruel injustice, why are we not seeing riots over 12 seasons of Two and a half men? ... you fucking disgust me.  Married with Children had 11 seasons on Fox ... the channel that cancelled Firefly after 13 episodes. 

Still no riots? Ah fuck ye, ya obviously don't know what's important in life.  

Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Message Of Hate Not Hope This Christmas

Pastor Steven Anderson has a special Christmas message for you. If we executed all the gheys we could be "Aids free by Christmas" .... no mention of all the straight people with aids but something tells me he isn't so concerned about aids as much as he is concerned with where other men put their penis'. 

"Anybody who's a homo or bi - it's all the same category - sodomite is what the Bible would call them".

Old Knudsen is not a Bible expert but he's pretty sure they were called sodmites because they came from the city of Sodom, they just happened to do stuff that those who wrote the Bible didn't like. 
The term sodomy used today means anal sex or in some countries can also suggest bestiality too. The slang insult sod off comes from it as well. 

People being ghey or having aids has never really spoiled my general dislike of Christmas, it's a terrible disease but scientists say the death toll and infection rate has dropped and eventually aids will become a lot less deadly. At this time of year I tend to think more about turkey than about gheys to be honest. Though Anderson seems to think about them a lot. 

What kind of loving God would condemn hot lesbians? I think Pastor Anderson needs to go deliberate some more. 
In his sermon called, 'Aids: The Judgement of God' he tells people to turn to Leviticus 20:13, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, even both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them."

Where is his Faithful Word Baptist Church anyways? Why in Tempe, Arizona of course. Arizona which is one of the Hellmouth states has 93% more hate and crazy than normal states. Florida and Texas often have a hard time completing.

 I liked Pastor Anderson better in Lost.

 "And that, my friend, is the cure for Aids. It was right there in the Bible all along - and they’re out spending billions of dollars in research and testing. It’s curable - right there. Because if you executed the homos like God recommends, you wouldn’t have all this AIDS running rampant."

All Christians are not hypocritical pedos I'm sure and I bet he doesn't speak for them all. Like Muslim radicals you mainly only hear the crazy ones. The Pope gives lip service to a toleration of queers though he is and always will be against ghey marriage ... it just isn't Christian and children can't be raised to be good people by gheys, they have to have a male father and a female mother ....  like wot Hitler and Ted bundy had.

Old Knudsen supports ghey marriage because why should the gheys get away with not being made miserable like all the other married couples? it just isn't fair. That'll teach them for being smug with their disposable incomes and superior fashion sense.

 You don't understand, we have to go back to the island!

His congregation may have laughed like the sinners they are so Anderson went on to quote statistics that he claimed proved that contracting HIV was directly related to being homo. Yes 96% of people getting blood transfusions are homos, even the children! 

He mentioned that no queers were allowed in his church. What if Jesus returned and was ghey? You believe he was white so being ghey shouldn't be too difficult of a stretch considering his alternative bachelor lifestyle back in the old cuntry. 

Anderson made the headlines in 2009 when he said he prayed that Obama would die and go to Hell. This Christian pastor is a bit total cunt, a lot like the DUP Creationists of Northern Ireland. They preach and support hate and then condemn Muslim clerics who do the exact same just under a different name.

If my son came home one day and said, "Dad, I'm a Homosapien" I'd kick him out the door!

With his wife Zsuzsa, I bet their sex life is amazing. 

He says also said that weemen who take birth control pills are hoors. It probably says that in the Bible somewhere. 
No my friend, the only weemen who are hoors are the ones that refuse to sleep with Old Knudsen ... they are obviously leezers too. 

So he doesn't like gheys, he doesn't like weemen, he hates equality, he doesn't like half naked people enjoying a swimming pool and will go elsewhere rather than see it, especially his own wife who uses the swimming pool fully clothed. 

Put some clothes on Zsuzsa and hide yer shameful elbows! 

Just look at that sinner with his shameful firm, muscular body, if you look closely you can see the outline of his hard throbbing manhood .... disgusting! No wifey I'm not done judging the sinners though maybe I'll show you what a real man is like, from behind of course as eye contact during sex is Satan's seduction, quickly Zsuzsa, while this image of disgusting well toned sin is still fresh in my mind.  

I reckon he protests too much. His issues seem pretty straight forward.

Like many Christians he believes he is something special, maybe he isn't that bad I mean he says the Nicolas Cage movie Left Behind is poison ... oh, not because it's a shite movie but because the version of what he believes is different so therefore anyone else are wrong.
Oh and you should buy the rapture movie he helped make, 'After the Tribulation' no agenda, he just wants the um truth .... and royalties.  

Old Knudsen quit being wrong years ago but it's nice to see that others still do it, and make money out of it.

"I am on a mission to educate people about the pre-tribulation rapture because it is a position that is based upon ignorance, and I just believe that if people would see the scriptures and see the facts, it would not be hard for them to come to the conclusion that the rapture definitely comes AFTER THE TRIBULATION."

You can't use the words the scriptures and facts in the same sentence you fool and anyone who uses Biblical scriptures to prove a point are really failing at the whole critical thinking bit. So Anderson is outspoken (which gets him attention) and has a blog on which he tries to sell his movie on.

If you can't see that he's a bigoted, hateful attention seeking hypocrite then you must be one too.

Don't fall for his hype or his hate filled lies as he'll take you doon with him.