Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meme Friday ... On A Thursday

Humans are the most intelligent animals on this planet, yet when they have a problem they ask social media or post it in comment boxes rather than typing it into their search engine. "I keep getting ads, I don't know what to do they are so annoying" it's as if they just got online yesterday.

If you don't know about ad-block plus by now, slap yerself.

Don't give the red shirts names, don't get attached. 


The Motion picture was a load of shite and now it turns out that a pedo was captain of the Enterprise for a while the film is totally dead to me.

During the Wraith of Khan they were all allowed to get old and fat .... yay!!!!

In Star Trek 5 Kirk asked God, "Do porn stars really enjoy porn?" and got zapped for it.

5 years is a long time, you gotta pull pranks to keep yer sanity. 

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Who Were You In A Previous Life?

Luke Ruehlman was a 5 year-old boy from Cincinnati who shocked his parents when he told them of another life he has remembered. He claimed to have been a black woman from Chicago called Pam aged 30 who had died in a fire.
His parents asked the Internet and results came up for a fire at the Paxton Hotel in 1993 and one of the people who died in that fire was named Pam Robinson. Luke was even able to pick out a picture of Pam put amongst several false ones.
He was always a safety conscious child making sure that things weren't hot or left on and would often make strange comments like, 'I had ear rings just like that when I was a girl.'

His story appeared on 'Ghost inside my child' on the Lifetime channel but the family never got paid for the story as it was more about the story that transcended death, race and gender. Luke stopped talking about his past life after getting it all out.

Getting it out then stopping talking about it seems to be a theme with kids and past lives. 

Does Old Knudsen think reincarnation is real? Why yes he does, was he someone in a past life? Yes, Old Knudsen used to be Jesus which is why I hate Jews and Romans .... the fuckers! Only kidding I love yon hooked nosed money lenders but the Italians can fuck off, no seriously.

I'm Jesus and my wife is a holy hoor. 

I don't know if I was someone famous, probably not given the odds though there are plenty out there who were Jesus, Napoleon and of course Cleopatra. Alan John Miller, a former IT specialist from Australia thinks he was Jesus H Christ and that his wife was Mary Magdalene.
Miller has set up his compound to ready his faithful for the end of the world in a few years time. He uses pop psychology and emotional trauma on men women and children. An ex Jehovah Witness preacher he split with the church over some trouble with a hooker, his flock buy him properties and donate to him .... nothing dodgy there, oh wait, he was an IT specialist, that means HE'S FUCKING NUTS!!!! Reincarnation is not very Christian and his earth changing/destroying predictions have not happened so no divine truth there. 

Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop a Russian ex-cop is also Jesus. Funny how Jesus keeps coming back as a long haired white bloke. Sergey has banned money from his congregation which means he is nuts or just in it for the sex but the fact that he's a vegan definitely confirms being nuts. 

The case of  Bridey Murphy is one of the most famous since there was a movie made out of it. Virginia Tighe  a housewife from Colorado said while under hypnosis she was an 18th century Irish woman named Bridey Murphy. While her account was detailed, some of the facts from her hometown was wrong. Turned out that she had lived in Chicago as a child and knew an Irish woman named Bridie Murphy Corkel so don't go believing in hypnosis too much, the person doing it might be feeding answers and leading you without realizing it. 

 I was an Egyptian princess.

So there are plenty of kooks claiming to be historical figures though I doubt that many of them could give you verifiable facts that they should know. There are also plenty who claim to be just boring plebs. 

James Leininger was a 3 year-old drawing pictures of planes on fire and giving out facts that he shouldn't know. He claimed to be a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot named James Huston who was shot down by the Japs over Iwo Jima.
How does a 3 year-old watching Barney and Dora know about a WWII aircraft carrier in the Pacific called the The Natoma Bay or the name of one of the guys that flew with him? 

Another 3 year-old boy who was from the Golan Heights region of Israel had a birthmark on his head and claimed it was where he had been killed with an axe. An Israeli doctor took him seriously and they went to a village where the boy confronted a stranger by his full name and then went and found his own skeleton, hole in the head and all. 

Some people say that when they were dead god gave them permission to return, they fell through a hole and were born again. I don't know, maybe they get turned into a sperm, unlucky if Admiral Nelson ends up in a porno shoot.  

I died for yer sins though I don't really think it was worth all the trouble.

Old Knudsen is not the same person he was in his younger days, that person is just so different. Sometimes it was like someone else taking over for you to get you through a difficult time in life. I believe that the soul does keep bits of our former lives and it certainly feels as if Old Knudsen has been on this gog awful planet going around in circles for way too long. It often feels that some of the personalities bubble to the surface a bit more from time to time but those people and assorted animals were all me. 

While I'll nod politely to the Plato's and the Cleopatra's at the same time wondering how is it that I know more about them than they do I shall remain open minded to cases that have nothing to gain or no egos to feed.    


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Sundown You Better Take Care

All those pictures of honest white people with their babies looking like life was tough as they struggled to survive during the dust bowl era. You can't help but feel sorry for them.

Now we call those honest white people lazy black people who use their food stamps to buy Twinkies and soda with because white people's shit don't stink.

 These lazy black people using food stamps to buy crack with.

Times change and perceptions change. In the US people get a little uncomfortable if you say yer poor and happen to be a white person because that shouldn't be possible. The poor of any colour get looked down upon, Old Knudsen has found that if you work hard, live with honour, integrity and selflessness you still might not be able to pay the bills, you'll get worn down and sick and people will still disrespect you no matter what ... fuck em, the system is stupid. 

I've found that when people get power over others they tend to abuse it, everyone thinks they have power over a poor person, or a sick, old and disabled person. Do it my way or the highway. 

From the Grapes of Wrath published in 1939 you'll read of a family in Oklahoma losing their farm to the bank after their crops fail due to drought (damn you Global warming!) and they pack up and drive to Callyfornia where dreams come true. Callyfornia was sick of getting these Okies, they had already tried road blocks that turned away anyone who didn't have money or a job. Too many workers around so they were paid shite wages, lived in shite conditions and were treated like shite by their employers and the local law enforcement. 

Yes there were 'No Okies allowed' signs. Today in Oklahoma they are trying to put through a form of the conscience clause so that good Christian folk can put signs up in their businesses 'No gheys allowed' .... like I said about people who get a little bit of power. People never learn from what happened to them in the past. We were oppressed but now we can do it to others, that is what America was founded on, don't believe me then ask an injun.

I love her coy body language.

Of course white people were not the only migrants. All across the US from the 1800's to the start of the 20th century were thousands of Sundown towns. In these towns there would be a sign at the town limits that would say something like 'Don't let us see [ethnic group] in this town after sundown' in Colorado 'No Mexicans After Night' in Connecticut 'Whites Only Within City Limits After Dark' and quite often Jews and Japs were added to the list of undesirables.

To understand how Americans feel about immigrants (illegal or not) then learn how they treated them in the past, many places are still like this but not so open now. Arkansas was quite good at getting rid of its coloreds that there are very few in the north of that state. Check HERE to see all the sundown towns.  

I knew the Spanish weren't white .... nor those Eyeties.

An ugly part of the past that always threatens to reappear. Old Knudsen looks at the US because they've been through all this civil rights stuff and then he looks at Europe with its white enclaves doing the same things as the Klan did 60 years ago and making the same impassioned pleas imbedded in racism. The names and faces may change but the hate and fear is still the same.

Add some sectarianism to the racism for double effect. It sickens me that people in this day and age still go by the whites only or Christian only or Muslim only or Jew only or straight only. Why are people so eager to join a hate tribe? ... THEY EAT THEIR OWN!

I wanna start a sundown town, if I catch a bigot in my town after sundown I'll make them watch some black ghey interracial porn and attach electrodes to their nipples to zap them when they get aroused and then read a Richard (Dorkins) Dawkins book to the fuckers. 


Monday, 23 March 2015

After Life After Death

I should take a selfie before I die.

I've seen a couple of articles about people who have died for brief periods of time and come back with no experiences of lights, tunnels or Jesus holding cookies. Did their brains not know they were supposed to be flooded with hallucinogenics as near death experiences are often explained away with?

This Swedish bloke died twice, once from a motorcycle accident and the other from an accidental overdose... accidental, yeah right.  Dead for 2 minutes each time.
"Both times I was just not there. It was just all black. I would describe it as when you take a nap. A short nap with no dream, you wake up and it feels like you've been sleeping a long time, when in reality it's only been about 15 minutes"

If you think back to a nap you've had, even without a dream do you feel not there? I still feel that I exist even without memories of dreams but that is just me and that passing of time is still felt. Hardly dead then, he was still around somewhere.  

"I have always been an atheist, but I have always had a part of me that hoped there was a God or Heaven or something greater than us, I am still an atheist, and now I know that there is no such thing as God or Heaven. At least not for me."

Those atheists and their smug certainties, why is it so difficult for them to realise that there maybe things they don't know? It's as bad as Gog botherers saying they know everything because Gog did it.

Another woman had some odd medical condition that stopped her heart 30 odd times a year, she said there was darkness .
Are journalists just not asking the right questions or did the people who died get brain damage? If you saw darkness and were aware of it then you obviously still existed even while dead. Being there in yer conscience surrounded by darkness, maybe you were in an other worldly broom closet.

If you take an old dog in to be put down, that dog will curl up as if asleep because it is ready to go. I don't think these people were ready to go or that it just wasn't their time. Maybe they had to make the press with their stories so I had to write this post that someone will read by accident 2 years from now and it will resonate with their own experience and they will be comforted ..... That right there is why shit happens and the meaning of life. We just deny shit exists because we aren't given all the answers.
"Well there is no life after death because once you switch off the body that is that"  ... just like how you switch off yer car the clock stops working, no wait it doesn't. Well those who died and got fuck all have the wrong drugs flooding their brains then.

Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro  died for 45 minutes ... not 2 minutes or 30 odd times for a couple of minutes but for 45 fucking minutes. Her pulse stopped while she was having a cesarean section and suffered an amniotic fluid embolism and after 45 minutes they were unable to bring her back and were just about to call death when she spontaneously revived. 

She re-calls a tunnel and a spiritual being who she said was her father and she felt at peace, classic near death experience. While the Swedish bloke is comforted that there is no afterlife so he'll make living count from now on, Rudy says that you do not have to fear death because there is something. 

Miracles do happen and Rudy is one of them as she suffered no lasting damage from being dead for so long and her daughter has a mother. 

In studies carried out in 1977 on near death experiences (NDE) from all different cultures and countries and religions, 91% re-call meeting loved ones. 
The Lancet in 2001 listed 344 patients who were successfully resuscitated after suffering cardiac arrest, 62 (18%) had a memory of loved ones and 41 (12%) experienced an out of body experience. 

Half of those 62 people knew they were dead but no one felt distressed. Some have them and some don't, a flood of the bodies' drugs to ease death doesn't really match up if so many people get nothing.

Of course your culture will dictate what you see, a Hindu isn't going to see Jesus or an angel, you see what you know or expect. 
That doesn't mean you are fooling yourself that just means it's what yer tiny mind can relate to as the universe is huge and mind blowing. If Old Knudsen was to think about God he wouldn't think of an old white dude, his mind wouldn't think of a physical being but rather the vast expanse of the universe and the billions upon billions of dimensional possibilities of everywhere at once .... no wonder we create gods, how can we talk or relate to everything? A god is like a telephone to connect to a bigger power, some get better signals than others.  

True story time.

Old Knudsen doesn't just make stuff up, he talks from his own experience too. On one of the few days he went to school he was standing one morning in the assembly hall waiting for the teacher to come out on stage and do the daily morning gog bothering shite. It was hot, the kids were noisy, as I stood there alone not talking to anyone I lost my vision. I stood there blind, I listened for a voice I recognized and called out to him telling him I was blind and needed help.

He took me to a teacher who told him and his mate to take me outside for air, as I left the hall I could see myself from the other side of the school lobby being guided out on both sides by these two boys. 

It was a fleeting experience but I recall looking at myself, I was still me at the other side of the room and not at all afraid. It was a lot to take in and I did so at a later time. My vision came back when I got some cool air but we stayed out to miss assembly since we had a good excuse.    

I wasn't dead but now I know that the soul exists. I didn't know what an out of body experience (OBE) was at that time but I certainly had one.  

The only feelings I had was A)I was me, I still existed and B) more curious than anything. If I had not had this OBE then my belief system would be that of an atheist who demanded proof, I got my own proof. 
I cannot convince a die hard skeptic nor do I need to, they might not experience a lot of things themselves that doesn't mean they don't happen and I know I'm not lying or delusional. 

If I had not seen a pale white head of a boy wearing thick rimmed NHS glasses pop up over a wall and then down again when no one was there I might not believe in ghosts or other spirits. I've seen many other spirits or beings that weren't "fully" there since then and the skeptic in me always looks for evidence of the mundane. 

Being a natural skeptic does hold me back a little .... trust issues? ach I have a ton of them but I know that other shit exists and just because we can't see of touch it doesn't mean a thing, we ain't all that anyways.    

Sometimes I just know things, I don't know if the Heaven and Hell crap exists, sounds far fetched to me as do gods on Mount Olympus but I do know that Heaven and Hell exists within each of us which is why we need to work on our issues and problems in this life and lessen our pain. I do know that there is a soul and there is something after death.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Solar Eclipse Means The End Of The World

Today is the day for a total solar eclipse that will be seen from Europe, since I am in Europe this may be relevant to me. If you are not in Europe then tough tits.

The US had it's last total solar eclipse in 1979 and is due its next in 2017. The Americans being a superstitious lot predicted that it was the end of the world, many believed them and so went outside to take shots at the eclipse. A lack of solar activity followed that eclipse as experts suspected that the sun had been wounded by the bullets.

The Yanks are at it again .... who lets these nutters online? Anyway it maybe the end of the world again as God is judging Europe for letting Muslims come in and practice their faith. If a duck farts it's either climate change or the end of the world, I'm sick of these pseudo troll science experts. 

A total eclipse is when the sun has a solar hiccup as it orbits the earth and finds itself with the moon in between the sun and the earth. The moon being just slightly bigger than the earth blocks out the light.

Experts predict a mini ice-age during the time of the eclipse, there maybe tsunamis and earthquakes too.
The little solar lights in yer garden may not have time to recharge so expect widespread panic as people trip up over their gnomes. Police have advised drivers to turn their lights on but to use protective glasses (and seat belts) when looking up at the eclipse and to mind their speed.

You don't want to drop yer speed in yer car, all those nooks and crannies.

Europeans are not a superstitious lot by nature, unlike the Americans we look for the scientific reason for things before we decide it was all God. Babies born during the eclipse will be put to death and the mothers flogged for fornicating with Satan. The Pope recently said, "If you fornicate with the devil then expect me to fuck you up bitch!" .... Is it me or does this Pope seem more aggressive than the previous ones?

Extra police will be on hand to ensure there will not be any rioting or looting but if there is they caution people to do it in a safe and responsible manner. Ethnic minorities will of course be given priority for looting as we are all about the equality and respecting cultures .... except for gheys unless they are black or Muslim ..... or lesbian, we don't mind the leezers as long as they aren't butch.

The eclipse starts roughly about 7:41am and ends about 11:50am, in the UK we'll see it at its best around 8:24am in the south or just a bit later in Northern Ireland and Scotland. So if you've read this post you've missed the eclipse and the snow from the ice age will make you late for werk, lets hope the tsunamis will wash it away.

If you miss it:   

For solar eclipse fun just turn out the light in yer room with the curtains drawn, have a small lamp lit with a low wattage bulb and fumble about in the dark for 2 minutes, then turn the light back on. All yer expectation will have been crushed by then but you can go online and look at the pictures that cunts with expensive cameras took of it. Don't forget to say, "It didn't look like that to me."

They all use photoshap anyways.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Balls Are Itchy, Must Be Climate Change

Is this the ice age that scientists predicted in the 70's and 80's?

Old Knudsen doesn't believe many so-called "experts" he suspects they say shit to get funding and to stay in a job I mean what the fuck is an economist? And why do they have job security even during recessions? 

Experts think that early humans came out of the trees because the climate changed and it's either adapt or die, that's evolution baby! Imagine that, millions of years ago the climate changed and we said, "hey Africa really does suck big dino cock lets be Eurpoean" and got the fuck out of Africa and became white.
Of course this is speculation or at best an educated guess cos Mr Caveman didn't study the environment over a long period of time and his records consist of hand shapes and bison drawings...  what a moron.

    Snow during winter, must be global warming/climate change.

We can do soil samples and count tree rings but it only gives us some of the answers, we've only been collecting data for weather over the last couple of hundred years, a blink in evolutionary time. We really do not know what this planet does. Pumping it full of toxins, wasting precious rain water that drains to the sea and building golf courses in the desert probably isn't very smart. Is the planet alive? maybe it goes through a recycle phase when things become unhealthy. Those ruins were not a sky calendar, it was that last lot of people trying to build a fall out shelter.  

 Hot in summer, must be global warming/climate change.

Scientists tell us the planet is heating up .... sure 30 years ago they were telling us we were going to have another ice-age .... this isn't fucking science ya know! I think they give humans way too much credit for things, maybe there's like shit that they don't know about... is that possible? 

Oh no severe weather conditions are a sure sign of climate change, yes because we've never had that before. The Great Hurricane of 1780 killed 22,000 with it 200 mph winds. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 killed 6 -12 thousand people with its 145mph winds. The Okeechobee hurricane of 1928 killed 4,078 people with it's 160 mph winds. 

The 1912 United States cold wave across the US killed 47 people with temperatures of −38 °F (−39 °C) and that wasn't as cold as 1917 for fucks sake. 

Look on the bright side, *at least it's dry.* 

The severe drought of the 1920's and 30's during the great depression that was even felt in China where millions died of famine. The world population of less than 2 billion in 1920 I suppose we'll blame green house gases from .... from ....

What I'm saying is that we only remember the bad days and forget all other generations. I'm not denying climate change, it changes every fucking 5 minutes in Northern Ireland, I am saying that scientists know fuck all and spent years studying fuckallogy but at least they are getting paid. 

Keep an open mind because I doubt we are seeing the big picture from our short span of history but really, grow some fucking trees if you own land, it's your duty to the future and bad karma for you if you don't. 

*cheery UK weather small talk*

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A War President

I've seen a meme a couple of times asking you to LIKE and SHARE if you think that all US Presidents should serve in the military and I'm wondering why anyone thinks that is an important quality. 
When G W Bush wasn't going AWOL from his reserve unit he did serve. He got the US into two un-winnable wars that outlasted his two terms. 
You can attack Afghanistan but you'll never be able to hold it, learn from Alexander the great, the British and the Soviets on that one ... and a war there is just not worth it. Iraq had a brutal regime, but so did many other countries, they also didn't have weapons of mass destruction so what the fuck GW? 

Here is a newsflash for you, there are many, many dumb as fuck people serving and have served in the military. Nothing in the military prepares you for running a country, that is up to what kind of person you are. The military prepares you for war, no not armies unless yer a General but how to kill individuals. 
A leader should be trying to avoid war as much as possible rather than charging in on some personal vendetta. 

Remember Lieutenant Norman Dike from Band of Brothers? Did making him serve in the military make his shite not stink? Band of brothers was based on true events and people, this guy was described as being 'an empty uniform' as he was just passing time until he got out and used his military service as an election tool.

Captain Sobel from Band of Brothers certainly saved lives with his tough training but he was a total dick while doing it. Should he have been president? 

If General MacArthur had been the president during the Korean war he'd have nuked China but Truman said no. I'm sorry to break it to you but military people are just human, it's stupid to broad stroke them as being better or having more insight. 
Senator Tom Cotton is a yellow lantern. 

Senator Tom Cotton drafted the letter to Iran warning them that when Obama leaves office the senators who hold the real power will still be there so any agreements made now don't matter because you can't trust the US government to stick to treaties ... ask an injun. 

This Harvard graduate who served in Iraq is a moron, a fucking nimrod, ding a ling a Knuckle-head McSpazatron. He sends a letter about a nuclear arms program that doesn't even exist and he broke the chain of command making America look really foolish in the eyes of its potential enemies. Just to get his name out there.

Do you think that he is qualified to be president? 

Obama inherited a lot of shit from Bush and while he has damaged relations with Israel, Russia and the UK he has not started any new wars .... yet. 

The people attracted to the Presidency are usually type A personalities, I'm pretty sure the 'A' stands for arsehole as who else but someone full of themselves would want to be the preez? George Washington was probably the only reluctant president as everyone else went after the position. 

We've had soldiers, civvies, an almost black dude and now we wait to have a female president. America has been involved in some kind of conflict longer than it has been at peace, maybe that is something people should be worried about instead of whether or not the president can do push ups and shine boots.      

Jeremy Clarkson-gate

Jeremy Clarkson is one of those many people famous in Britain but elsewhere in the world it's who? Like many of our singers and actors the Brits just assume that everyone knows about them. Thank fuck Old Knudsen was in the US when Girls aloud came out, I missed them completely.

Jeremy Clarkson is a TV presenter who mostly does a show called Top Gear which is about cars. It can be silly, amusing and addictive to Daily Mail reader types. His views are British Empire, xenophobic Nigel Farage type views, bloody Yanks, lazy Mexicans, limp wristed French with all things British being great.
Old Knudsen doesn't think that it is very funny, thrashing wogs under the hot sun and beheading Frenchies at Agincourt is bloody hard werk and wot does it get you? A superiority complex and bad teeth. 

Some call what he says and does blokery while others use words like racist, misogynist, arrogant, douchebag. His thing is to travel to other countries and use stereotype humour or political sore points to insult those nations so his semi-illiterate viewers can feel good about themselves. We is British, we rule the waves ..... aye like 200 years ago. Now we're the lap dog of the Americans with a tiny military.

 An old picture, he doesn't look that good anymore. 

Going to Argentina with the license plate H982FKL was a real poke in the eye to the Argies over the Falkland islands that were fought over in 1982. I'm sure it was all a coincidence. Humour at its best huh.  I like to put the skin of a chicken on my face and pretend to be a burning sailor on the ship Sir Galahad when the Argies attacked it ... good times.

I wonder if he saw Bill O'Rielly while in Argentina, they could swap war stories even though neither served but I'm sure they have some great stories though. "I saw nuns shot in the back of their heads" ... "well I saw 2 girls and they only had one cup."

Yes a lot of Top Gear and Clarkson himself are staged and exaggerated but being a big earner for the BBC has given him some protection and the fact that another channel wants him for 10 million means I doubt he'll get hanged as Old Knudsen has been calling for.

The latest row has Clarkson attempting to punch an assistant producer because there was no hot meal catering on location, the chef had gone home for the day. Poor Jeremy had to make do with a cold platter. Fuck the need for food banks I demand hot meals for millionaires!
The blogger Guido Fawkes set up a petition for Clarkson to keep his job because a little workplace violence is fine if it's over creative differences like ham sandwiches. At the time of this writing 800,000 cunts agree it seems.

 James Corden

Maybe Clarkson is very British .... well at least very English as to not upset decent Brits who are not English. He wouldn't be popular in the US, people would awkwardly move away from him as they would a good ol boy who constantly said "nigger" just before ranting on about gheys.

The US gets Craig Ferguson and now James Corden who will take over on the Late late show, they are the kind of Brits who get famous in both the UK and the US because they can be likeable and intelligent, Hugh Laurie too.
Clarkson is a relic and he works that angle so the common man can relate to him, when Old Knudsen was getting his last hair cut (no back shave this time) the barber decided to talk about Clarkson and how political correctness was insane.

Old Knudsen had to interrupt him and tell him that you can't call them "coloureds," white people complaining to white people about others they don't meet in their day to day life (ethnic people are still a very small minority here) I just had to tell him how I hated everyone no matter what colour, I just wanted a fuckin haircut and not to make me look like a twat because I dislike latent racists who do all except come straight out and say "send them home" they hint around it. "I'm not racist but they aren't like us are they?" .... "I've nothing against them but they should all be made to speak English and dress proper like in tracksuits instead of burkas and turbans."

If you talk about someone and subconsciously start taking about coloureds and immigrants then guess what you are? .... For just talking about it? .. oh c'mon that's ridiculous. Yer a latent racist who just can't form an original thought so you borrow from people who come out and say it. Get angry about the NHS or the education system for fucks sake.

Maybe I'll start a petition against people starting petitions.  

Clarkson and the likes of Nigel Farage are racist enablers, that's the kind of people who support the growth of hatred without getting their hands dirty. Hitler started out with words and before you knew it the Jews were to blame for defeat in WWI and a recession. Nothing to do with the Germans being cunts. 

Talk about Craig Ferguson or James Corden and you don't wander into racism. I think I'd rather they represent the UK than Hitlerites like Clarkson.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Old Knudsen Reviews 71

71 is a movie about the Troubles in Northern Ireland. To give you a brief understanding of the Troubles it was Protestant against Catholic, the Prods getting all the opportunities, education and more than one vote if you owned property while the Taigs were discriminated against with no chance of a future.

There have been riots and fighting for the past 100 years but in the 60's the Catholics got together to demand human rights, their various marches were attacked and when the police are Protestant friendly ... well you can guess where that goes. In 1969 the British government sent in troops to protect the Catholics from the mean Protestants but ended up getting attacked from both sides.  

The troops ended up siding with the Protestants and the police and so began the Troubles, 30 years of civil war and terrorism that continues in a milder form today.

  Give me back that rifle that is fitted with walnut furniture while mine has the Maranyl stock and grip. Two different models in one unit? The Maranyl wasn't even used then.

Young Gary Hook is an English soldier who rather than getting sent to Germany but got sent to Northern Ireland. His unit while in Belfast is briefed that East Belfast is Loyalist which is friendly and the west is Republican and is hostile. In reality both sides are hostile but Loyalists will work with the soldiers and police. Both sides have their terrorist gangs who are not big thinkers. 

They are told that the Divis flats are a Republican stronghold and to NEVER go near there. Yeah you guessed it he ends up there. 

 The Loyalist gang UDA out on patrol with their military spec bin lids .... lol!

The officer in charge of Hook's unit is a noob and his seasoned NCO's didn't take him to the side like they would have done in real life. While out harassing the Fenians Hook gets separated from his unit and goes on the run through the Catholic areas . 

The Troubles were a depressing time when many grew desensitized to suffering and accepted it as a way of life, much like Palestine and Israel, it's easier to demonize and hate the other side than live together in peace.

Not to spoil the movie 71, it was tense and dramatic but the characters were bleh just bodies to fill the purpose of the story. I had read that it was filmed in Scotland but no, it was shot in the north of England as they have depressing terrace houses that can double for Belfast. You can shoot Game of thrones in Northern Ireland but put a load of British soldiers onto the streets and people have flashbacks and complain. 

Jack O'Connell spends the whole movie looking confused and scared, can't blame him he's the unluckiest soldier ever! Welcome to Belfast.

The film covers the hostile tribal nature of the Troubles with a 10 year-old threatening grown ups because his uncle is a big mawn in the paramilitaries. The English soldiers are in a completely different world than what they are used to and the police are just heavy handed thugs. 

The over all theme is that Private Hook, like all the other soldiers and terrorists are just pawns that mean nothing which is why he nearly gets killed by all sides cos you cannot trust anyone and your life doesn't matter.

A 1971 L1A1 Self Loading Rifle as used right up to just before 1990. A fine powerful weapon.  

It's a decent movie and was interesting to see the 70's again and besides using the wrong rifles (with the pebbled Maranyl grips) the army training was oh so familiar. The useless flak jackets remained useless with rubber blocks getting fitted up near to the shoulder, you made the vow to yerself that the jacket would be the first thing to come off if you got into a fire fight as it got in yer way to fire yer rifle. The SLR was a heavy powerful rifle and needed to be held properly unlike the 9mm sub machine gun which was a nice wee toy.  

Getting stoned (not in a cool way) while getting transported in the back of a 4-tonne truck was a usual occurrence, no wonder the Brits from England were nervous wreaks. Some parts of the military bases in Belfast you were advised not to walk as those angles could be seen by snipers on the outside. 

Old Knudsen served because it was stupid to hate someone for what they were (Protestant or Catholic) and saw people as good or bad guys no matter the side. So many wrongs were done before and during the Troubles and this movie shows a few.