Saturday, 23 May 2015

Palmyra In Ruins

 Palmyra before the invasion.

The city of Palmyra in Syria has been reduced to crumbling ruins after the top branded terrorist group Daesh formerly ISIS took control of the city this week.

Palmyra today.

Two thousand years of casino and pool fun reduced to a pile of pillars, no one is going to spend money traveling to there now. 

Shame on you Daesh, at least tidy up a bit. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

A Shout Out To All Me Homies

Every day is about Old Knudsen, men want to be him and weemen want to do him ... sometimes the other way around but I just take who or what comes because it's all good and in the werds of Jesus, "It is better to be a giver than a taker but with enough lube the possibilities of love are endless."

Today is Old Knudsen's birthday, he has warts that are older than many of you which get their own telegram from the Queen ... do we still do telegrams? Ach I lost touch with camera phones, why have a camera on yer phone to take pictures of yer ear? I'm no a technophobe, I believe that robots should be allowed to get married and do not think it lessens the sanctity of closed circuits.

If Gog had intended robots to only use male and female plugs then he wouldn't have created adapters.

Being an adult yer presents are usually shite for yer birthday and if everyone you know is dead yer cards dry up like Callyfornia. I stopped trying to impress my postman years ago by sending meself cards but I do still go to the bakery section of Tesco and spray me slobbers over their cakes ... maybe I'll go to Ashers bakery for that this year. When Old Knudsen blows his candles out everyone seems to suddenly go off cake. 

    Can't wait for the zombie apocalypse as choice and consent will be meaningless.

You maybe concerned over the bigger issues like earthquakes in butt fuck Nepal, Daesh in Palmyra or what Simon Pegg said about Sci-Fi being childish or maybe even the rape of  Sansa Stark ... she was asking for it by the way and Ramsay is merely a product of bad parenting and society in general.

Try to drag yerself away from cat videos and selfies for 5 minutes and look at the Republic of Ireland. Today the bog trotters are to have a referendum on whether same sex marriage should be legal or not. Old Knudsen doesn't give a crap about marriage in the eyes of God or what Jesus didn't say but he is concerned about equality, doing the right thing and hates bullies. 

  After a few swigs of this I'll explain to you what the earth custom of turd burgling is. 

Of course I can't depend on humans being concerned for their fellow man ... or woman, it just isn't very Christian. Religion has always been about keeping someone in their place and never about equality. 
Gheys have been happy for too long and why should they have all that disposable income? Let them suffer the ills of marriage like everyone else. Rather than doing the right thing and voting for equality, vote to crush their souls and dreams instead. 

Also it would really show up Northern Ireland which is the only part of the UK that doesn't have ghey marriage, or abortion either. Imagine the south being all enlightened an shit, after years of being compared with Mexico they now make us look bad .... we who riot over a flag being flown as per the Queen's household rules and not when we want to fly it, aye it's difficult to make us look bad.

Like yer neighbour getting a new car and washing it everyday while yer 15 year-old Ford Fiesta collects dirt because that's what is holding it together. 

Never mind winter, here cums a white Christmas.

So Ireland, though I have an Irish passport but cannae vote I'd like a birthday present of equality please.  I'm no going to remind you how many times Old Knudsen has saved the werld or that you'd all be speaking Scroll instead of leprechaun if it wasn't for him.   

No pressure however if you vote no I will rub me blight all over yer potatoes again so you'd have to buy yer spuds from butt fuck Idaho wherever that is. 

Old Knudsen shares his birthday with George Best, Morrissey, Harvey Milk, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Richard Wagner, Sir Laurence Olivier, Paul Winfield, Dale Winton, Naomi Campbell and Katie Price.   

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Top Of The Pedos

Norfolk police have said that if you watched TV during the 70's and 80's there is a one four chance that you were watching a sex offender.

Of the 1,433 suspects for historical sexual assaults 260 are down as celebrity. 135 from TV, film or radio, 76 politicians, 43 members of the music industry and seven sports people.

 Cliff Richard singing about the young ones. 

That family friendly celeb, the singer you've sang along to for years or that sports star you cheered to victory, yep, probably a pedo or rapist. 

Experts advise you to just prepare to be let down. In the 60's, 70's and 80's it was acceptable to be an arsehole and molest weemen and children but now you have all those leftie liberal laws like the kind that Nigel Farage complains about.

Sir Patrick Moore has worked with NAMBLA UNICEF for years.

In the US no one ever mentions Michael Jackson sleeping with kids and Woody Allen and Bill Cosby have gotten away with their shit for ages, even in India a famous actor ran over and killed a homeless dude 10 years ago and he hasn't seen a day in prison.

Why are we not protecting our stars better? A famous person can't even punch an assistant producer without an uproar, what is the point to being famous?


Why we Vote

Leonard Beattie stood amongst the 3.9 million Ukip voters in the UK and voted for the Green party, he just recently died from a broken heart after hearing the election results.

Weird things have been happening in the UK with the majority of people voting for more Tory action with the rest either voting Labour or Green because it's anything but Tory or the protest vote of voting Ukip. The Liberal Democrats and Labour in Scotland were shown the door.

Voting for Ukip is like staying in an abusive relationship, trying not to see any faults and pretending that everything is fine. I'm dating a white supremacist triple murderer on parole but he's down to earth so it'll be good.

Do people do the right thing? 

I hope the ghey marriage referendum in Ireland becomes the exception but people do not vote based on doing the right thing. Using the argument if you vote this yer supporting equality sort of thing doesn't work ... many don't care as doing the right thing should come with terms and conditions and maybe some form of payment.

What's in it for me? or I have mine I'm alright. 

Political parties don't care, they shift and move with the environment. Ukip in Northern Ireland is against ghey marriage, gheys in general and certainly against abortion for weemen ... 3.9 million voters in the UK can't be wrong, right?

What those 3.9 million voted for was something other than Conservative but not Liberal. The Ukip manifesto has loads of popular promises that would appeal to the everyday life of the common pleb ... of course how could they possibly deliver?

They would have lower income people paying less or no taxes, well off people paying more taxes and somehow make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes ..... you can tell who they are trying to appeal to and it's not people who know anything about finance.

No tax on building repairs or sanitary products .... quirky but popular yet again.

They want to leave the EU and make it harder for immigrants to settle here.

20,000 more nurses 8,000 more doctors and 3,000 midwives from thin air because it's popular.

Loads of other promises like free parking at hospitals, paying more carer's allowance, triple prison sentences for animal cruelty, supporting the fishing industry by letting catch as much as they want, tax breaks for pubs and reversing the smoking ban, no votes for criminals, end multi lingual formatting on documents, remove funding promoting multiculturalism, a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, restore the military to 2010 levels, keep our Trident nuclear subs, build 1 million new homes in 5 years, give medals to all veterans, build homes and give jobs to veterans .... all very nice for the common pleb who don't like thinkin.

No bring back hanging for pedos?  

Aren't you supposed to moan and groan more? 

No sex education for primary school children, let them figure it out from porn like the rest of us. Yes Old Knudsen did rent out ghey porn by mistake ... uh yeah, a total mistake.

Of course then there is the Ukip support of fracking and bringing back the coal industry .... very forward thinking and environmentally friendly.

3.9 million people voted for Ukip, a party that likes to stagnate in the past and is against ghey marriage and abortion ... oh but that is just in Northern Ireland right? ... like I said, people won't do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing but Hitler Ukip has gotten it right in blaming others.
If you have someone else to blame such as Liberals and Immigrants then the people are most likely to vote for you because fear and anger is a more powerful tool to use, especially in a dissatisfied population.

Britain First the racist neo-Nazi group of tossers endorsed Ukip for the election so that should tell you something right there. I'm sure the EDL and other so-called patriot groups voted Ukip too.

If you enjoy pub life, aren't told too much about the real world and don't care about it, think yer children should grow up like you and that flying a flag makes you patriotic then you've found yer people.

Tomorrow when Ireland votes for or against ghey marriage I suggest you vote for it, not because equality is the right thing to do but because it will make the gheys fucking miserable as soon as they get yon ring on and their same sex spouse gets fat.   

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The English Don't Understand Patriotism

Beryl McNichol a 71 bitter balls has said "it was as if she were living in a communist country" after the Mansfield (England) District Council told her to take doon her proud patriotic flags from her 18ft flagpole she erected on her allotment plot.

An allotment plot is a little communist too, local people who don't have a garden are allocated a plot to grow veggies or flowers on .... no flag poles, rocket launch pads, no meth labs, no cannybis just good old legal marigolds and turnips etc. 

To keep the wogs and other foreigners in their place she also flew a Ukip flag coming up to the elections. Despite being told to remove the flags as they were not a part of the allotment agreement sneaky Beryl flew a 'Lest We Forget' flag on VE day .... she's old, some people tie knots to remember and others fly flags. It's a little like praying in public to one upmanship all the half arsed cunts who aren't as holy or as patriotic as you. Shit that isn't worth doing unless the world sees you doing it.


I voted, I went to the gym, I helped lil Jill with her homewerk, I went to somewhere swanky, I grew a turnip. 

Ach white people are so insecure, with the public displays, thank fuck for blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  

Beryl proudly served her cuntry, what have you done ? ... well when I say served she was a school dinner lady for 3 years but that still counts, she's seen shit.

She says the flags give you a moment of reflection and how with the Nepalese earthquakes she'd fly it at half mast as that beats actually donating to a charity there. Old Knudsen has said several prayers for the people of Tibet, no don't thank me, it was the least I could do.

No offense Nepal but you don't rate a half mast flag, maybe if Sean Connery died or something, he is as foreign as the Ukipers can stand.

Stoopid English, they know fuck all about how to be proper British.

What you do is not worry about no ghey flag pole, you get yon fleg up on a lamp post or some post with phone lines or power cables then you let it rot because being patriotic isn't about respect, it's about showing others yer better than them and this is yer cuntry.

Dogs pee on things real British patriots put flegs on things an burn shit. 

In Northern Ireland we love our flegs and know all about British culture. Beryl did get the soldier thing right though, we British only like dead soldiers to mourn over, living ones ... not so much as they might not agree with us.

Nothing stirs yer patriotism more than a UVF parade. In the early 20th century the original UVF (bigots not terrorists) were so loyal to the crown that they were going to make loads of dead British soldiers to mourn over if they didn't get their way. The UVF were then sent to fight in WWI that just happened by coincidence to be a slaughter known as the Somme .... I'm sure the English generals didn't mean to get rid of all the Ulster trouble makers who were not very good soldiers by all accounts.

Since then the UVF stick to wearing masks and killing civilians as the military is way too dangerous. Every time someone on the telly suggests bringing back national service in the military a Loyalist shits themselves. 
The tradition of wearing of the fleg in yer under cackers is something stoopid Sassenachs like Beryl wouldn't understand. The underwear isn't padded, they keep a wee bottle of ecstasy pills to sell on route ... it's tradition! 

We cannae speak English very well and the English hate us more than they hate the Welsh and the Scots but we're better at being British than they'll ever be. NO SURRENDER!!!! .... except when it's cold out or when I have a bad back.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

When Harry Met Charlotte

Prince Harry has finally met his niece Princess Charlotte. The latest royal baby was born while Harry was on a four-week party attachment to the Australian Defence Force.

Meeting up at Strangefellows nightclub the prince put off doing some coke and getting naked until he had met with his niece.

"She couldn't really do much I wasn't very impressed."

He then said that she should be put into military training as soon as possible to give her some character and loads of medals because if he hadn't of joined the military he'd be hot wiring yachts and mugging old aged counts ..... we think he said counts, the music was very loud.

William and Kate have bought the copyright to the nickname 'Charlotte the harlot' so the Sun newspaper couldn't use it when she became a teenager. They have also bought the rights to 'Georgy Porgy' for their firstborn too. 


Prince Harry Calls For The Draft


Prince Harry the spare to the throne loves to run around with a rifle and take pot shots at fuzzies and thinks that everyone should try it. 

“I dread to think where I'd be without the Army. Bring back National Service - I've said that before."

Without military service and a harsh grandmother he'd probably be high on coke, naked with some hookers on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean .... just like any bloke.

 2012 in Vegas .... while he was still in the military. 

Harry is just like any other bloke, he went to Eton, then Sandhurst, loves playing polo. In the military (as an officer) he has been trained to drive tanks and fly helicopters, train with Australian special forces, train in Callyfornia and Arizona as any soldier is allowed to do.  

In Afghanistan he helped the Gurkhas repel a Tallyban attack .... the Gurkhas were not aware that they needed help but it's a better story than making sure he wasn't in any real danger during his tours of duty.

Even when the Tallyban captured him they made sure he was treated with respect and given full room service privileges as they would any prisoner. He made his escape during a Tallyban performance of the sound of music and was given 10 medals, 4 surfs and a castle.   

Prince Harry shot his first fuzzy aged 7. 

Harry is leaving the Military after 10 years to work with conservation groups in Africa. I'd actually seen this job being advertised at the job market but they wanted qualifications, his lower grade a-levels in Geography and art probably clinched it for him. 

Oh and he has the qualification of being born into the right family. That makes him better than everyone else. The recent letters from Prince Charles that were made public shows that royals really do know better than everyone else. Look after farm animals, Patagonian toothfish, Albertrosses, soldiers but fuck the badgers and replace national healthcare with aromatherapy and vitamins the prince just happen to have invested in.   

Many join the military with the promise of money towards university but these days they are more likely to get killed or invalided out before they collect on that.... or fired in rounds of cuts.  Mental health services and veteran support is something that many vets would just be happy with, I'm sure Prince Harry is getting plenty of support. 

The UK is heading towards a tiny military but with loads of part timers on the books, less investment and training, we'll be like Italy or somewhere shite like that.  

National service or the draft doesn't work, look at the Vietnam and Korean conflicts for that. Draft soldiers aren't real soldiers, it's more akin to a slave army that is made to fight. 

Prince William has never dressed as a Nazi for a party or thought that stripping off in a room full of people a good idea, maybe Prince Harry is just a dick. I'm sure no one will take him seriously but all those flag protestors who dress up in pseudo military costumes no doubt shit themselves at the thought of national service making a return and the likes of Jamie Bryson are busy concocting excuses to not serve their cuntry in a real way. 

God Wants You To Buy Cabbage

Clarence Blackmon aged 81-year-old from North Carolina got out of hospital after months of cancer treatment to find an empty home, empty fridge, no food, not even tins of cat food (old people love that shit) and he didn't know what to do.

His wife had died from cancer in 2011 and he had no relatives nearby so he called 911.

Luckily he got 911 operator Marilyn Hinson. He said he had money to pay for the groceries and wanted  " a head of cabbage, tomato juice, popcorn, cans of beans and beets, an avocado and some Pepsi. He said, 'I don't want no diet, I want Pepsi in the bottle.'"

After being drafted into the army in 1954 he worked as an administrator for a petroleum company for 40 years before retiring.

When his wife died in 2011 he had so many bills and now only one pension and lost his home of 35 years to foreclosure in 2014.

"I thank the lord I had Wanda for as long as I did, but I miss her and our house, life is unpredictable and unfortunately it doesn't get easier as we get older."

Has he had a good run? losing yer spouse at any age is rough then losing his home that should have been paid off with him living worry free wasn't good. He's had better than some who never made it to 81 and of course he doesn't have too much more time left according to the doctors.  

Marilyn Hinson with two peelers.

911 operators hear sad stories everyday and don't usually intervene personally. Authorities are now working with a local church to help Mr Blackmon and a nurse will call on him every day. What he wants to do is get online and cause some trouble in comment sections "I'll sure burn your ears -- good or bad. That’s just the way I am."

Old Knudsen understands the need to tell people what their problem is, that becomes like a duty when you reach the 80 year mark,  ach I remember my 80th birthday party so well, all me friends were there, some wee shite tried to blow the 8 candles out on me Spider man cake but I stopped him, then I was asked to leave ... me own fucking party. I grabbed me cake and some presents and left, who gives an 80 year old Pokemon toys? .... some people have no clue at all.    

This is a sad story but it's good he was helped, the problem I have is when he or someone else says this, "I thought, ‘Jesus, you answered those prayers.’"  

Sure the desperate pray when they can do nothing else but to give Jesus the credit for the actions of some good people. Maybe people doing the right thing is just so uncommon that it 'has' to be divine intervention. 

God created the earth in 6 days, had his son tortured to death to make people like him and has done fuck all ever since ... well until he makes a 911 operator get groceries for Mr Blackmon. You could say he made Marilyn Hinson's parents shag and got her to get a job on dispatch, that was God's or even Jesus' doing ... aren't they the same person anyways? 

Yeah sure thing, lets blame Henry Ford for all the road deaths then and whoever invented the rope for loads of suicides. 

Aren't you pissed off that yer life is where it is at Mr Blackmon?  God is a busy man, handing out cancer and killing the Nepalese, do you really think he cares about you? 

Malala Yousafzai the gurl who was shot in the head by the Tallyban in Pakistan was flown to the UK to undergo surgery on the NHS, when she woke she gave thanks to God for being alive, I don't know if she thanked God for shooting her in the head since the Tallyban are only doing God's werk.    

 And God did say'th ... Fuck these 6 fish in particular, and so they were proper fucked. 

People give Santa the credit for gifts at Christmas and Jesus and God when good things happen to them. I only hear the likes of Pat Robertson giving God the credit for natural disasters which are God's work as Satan doesn't have that kind of power. 

It's funny how some minds work though give people in yer life the credit they deserve or you'll only have invisible sky fairies to rely upon in yer old age.  

Monday, 18 May 2015

Kim Jong Un Just Needs A Hug

Some people are born leaders while the majority let the tiniest bit of power got to their heads .... and waist line.
Kim Jong Un is a pitiful excuse for a leader whose catch phrases are 'respect my Authoritah' and 'do as I say, not as I do' he recently took a helicopter ride up a mountain and then went on to praise the benefits of hiking and psychical exercise. Not to put the man doon, he isn't all that bad, when it comes to a buffet he is an expert piling up his plate on each visit and never drops a buffalo wing ... EVER!  

Lil Kim just executed his defense minister by anti-aircraft gun in front of hundreds of spectators. General Hyon Yong-Chol aged 66 was said to have dozed off during meetings and military ceremonies.
Fair play to the guy every meeting is Kim yapping on about how he can't get it up and that the world is laughing at him .... missiles that is, his recent missile the Limp Dong II only got as far as 2 miles because of a strong wind at its back.

North Korea's army.

North Korean military ceremonies are like UVF and Loyalist band marches, they dress up in costumes but would shit a brick if they had to do any real military stuff. Oh look Ching Chong -Wha turned up for the parade and has tied his shoes correctly, give him another medal. 

The last time North Korea used its military was the Korean war and they were soon easily beaten but if it wasn't for those pesky Chinese. The anti-aircraft guns used on Hyon Yong-Chol were probably left over from the 1940's and 50's. 

Hyon had a system of pulleys and levers under his clothes that moved his arms while he slept, he may even be asleep in this picture we just don't know. Kim only caught on when Hyon kept doing Nazi salutes at inappropriate moments .... and yes there are appropriate moments in which you salute the 3rd Reich, such as at a Ukip, GOP or DUP meeting.   

The ZPU-4 anti-aircraft Russian made gun from the 40's and 50's, the 4 means that it has four .57 caliber guns mounted on its stand. This out of date weapon has seen action in Africa and in Libya during the Arab spring uprising. The reason Kim uses this gun rather than a firing squad is because his army lack the hand strength to hold a rifle and have very poor eyesight, spectators are in more danger than those to be executed. 

In 2011 Kim executed other military leaders using mortars and once covered his uncle in KFC gravy (Kim's palace has its own KFC restaurant) and threw him to a pack of starving villagers. 

Kim's father the late Kim Jong-il who we all called 'Our dear leader' and miss him sorely was a lot more comfortable being in command. He rarely executed officials and often just exiled them to live in the country on a farm which you could argue as being a lot more cruel but at least he wasn't trigger happy. 
Imagine living on a farm and having to get up at 5am to feed the cows and only have dial up Interwebs .... Old Knudsen doesn't do 5am and still has PTSD from that dial up connection sound, you know the one.      

Kim Jong Un is a wannabe Bond villain, the only fat person in North Korea we can't help but make fun of him what's he going to do, hack our e-mail accounts .... scary scary. Even the threat of him firing missiles at Japan doesn't scare us, we nuked the fuck out of it twice ourselves.  

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Migrants Caught Trying To Flee The UK

A truck load of migrants were stopped at the French border port of Calais and deported back to the UK.

One of the migrants, Mohamed Garcia said in broken English, "The English are cray cray, 3.9 million voted for Ukip and the rest voted in the Tories again, I can only take so much anger and stupidity dude, I want to return to Iraq where I felt safer."  

Too bad lad, you and yer illegal alien friends won't be sneaking across any more borders. 

Pushed Off The Edge

The Edge from the Irish pop group U2 fell off the stage in Vancouver while river dancing during one of their songs. Fearing drugs as the reason for his fall since no one could understand a thing he was saying (Irish people speak fast when excited .. or high) they pumped his stomach and found 2 pints of semen.

The lead singer Sonny Bono said via an interpreter, "I thought he was drinking milk to be sure." 

Tainted love singer Marc Almond holds the record for 2 gallons of semen after he collapsed onstage followed by Britney Spears at one gallon and Mick Jagger at 2 litres .... because he was in Europe.

Old Knudsen approves of urban legends, spread away. 

Nigel Farage Only Answers To Nigel Farage

Dear Ukip, it is with great regret that I find I must resign as the leader of the party. I feel I've let you down even though we got 3.9 million fucking votes but I don't want Ukip to be seen as the Nigel Farage party whose only policy is to stop wogs taking our British jobs. I wish you great success in the future, love Nigel.

Dear Nigel, you had me at leader. I can't accept my er your resignation because you are just so fucking kewl. If we keep getting the mindless rabble stirred up I can see you as the next Prime Minister, maybe the emperor of Europe.

Lets keep sticking it to the wogs and lets keep making racist and sexist comments because it doesn't make us bigoted, it makes us er colourful and eccentric .... is Caucasian a colour as that is the only colourful I approve of?

I'm going to tear up your resignation so go put your feet up, smoke a fag and have a few dozen drinks, you've earned it mate.

This is how Nigel Farage's resignation from Ukip went after he lost the general election in the UK. He doesn't know what e-mails or texting are since he is a time traveler from the 1980's. Look out in 5 years time when Ukip is re-branded the Nigel Farage Experience, he also runs the Nigel Farage fan club and can be seen at Nazicon 2015 in June.   

Friday, 15 May 2015

Joss Whedon Is Too Busy Being A Legend To Be On Twitter

Joss Whedon is one of those guys that when you see he's involved in a TV show or a movie you say, "I might just give this a chance" unless it's Dollhouse which was utter shite.

To remind you of the good shit he has done he wrote the screenplay for Toystory and Atlantis the lost empire, was Titan A.E. any good? He wrote the Buffy movie ... bleh and created the brilliant Buffy TV show, and amazing Firefly TV show and movie and the very cool Angel TV show. He wrote The cabin in the woods which to my mind is classic Whedon fun, you can see his fingerprints all over it.

He wrote Dr Horrible sing along blog and wrote The Avengers screenplay and created Marvel Agents of Shield with his brother and sister in-law. He is one of those guys who gives work to the cool actors he's worked with previously. Shane Black is someone he has worked with and another one of those genius storytelling types.

While Old Knudsen is not queer he'd totally suck Whedon's juicy fat cock and gobble his man gravy like it was from KFC. Me useless man nipples are up and cutting my shirt like razors just thinking about it.

So there is this whole Black Widow gate thing in which Disney has been branded as sexist because there are loads of Marvel movies out and coming out (you hear that DC?) but no gurl hero movies ... oh sorry, that should be herowine herowin heroin not hero, I don't want to upset the little ladies, they might miss a stitch.
     No one tells me when I've had too much, not you or Black fucking slutty Widow.

Jeremy Renner who plays the Angry Archer in the Avengers did some Black Widow slut shaming because her character flirts. He issued an apology and then did the same thing on another show even though it upset people but he doesn't get it cos she's fictional, it's all silly to him.

No one has called for his character to get his own movie by the way.

Even Malala has called the Black Widow movie an important feminist issue to get behind, as long as they cover Black Widow's shameful female body head to toe and have her character chaperoned .  

The Rev Al Sharpton supports a movie too but the name should be changed to Fine Ass Cracker Ho of Color.

Whedon has done a Stephen Fry and quit Twitter in a huff ....  no not really the bloke is very Busy (unlike Fry) and tweeting is too much stupid and work to put up with.

In the Age of Ultron Black Widow says that she was sterilized so she wouldn't waste precious Soviet rubles on maternity leave and what if she never came back? To show they aren't sexist Disney is to appease the fans by giving her a prince to marry and advise fans to let it go and shouldn't little gurls be buying Frozen merchandise? 

Scarlett Johansson has been told to drop 10 LBS for the screen wedding which is to happen after the Captain America and Iron man movie called Captain America: Civil partnership in which Disney show they are also not homophobic.

Will the public swallow it?

So Whedon is booked up making movies until his tragic death at the young age of 67, can you blame him for giving up Twitter? Does Old Knudsen get paid for blogging? Pay me and I'll stop you tight fisted scrooges.

Smith is the bald one beside Harley Quinn. 

In other news DC have released like one photo of the eagerly anticipated Suicide Squad staring Will Smith, fans asked delving questions like 'Why do I only recognize Harley Quinn?' and 'Why does Harley Quinn look like Baby Spice?' and my favourite, 'Will, why are you not going to be in the Independence day sequel?'   

Smith was busy getting his aura cleansed in some secret Scientology ritual to comment.   


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Do We Really Need Human Rights?

 Keep those nurses and Scots away from me .... ugh!

So the UK had a general election, of course David Cameron was going to win it was just a case of how. Seriously folks did you think that Ed Miliband was Prime Minister material? Some people you can just look at and you know that even if they are nice people who wear all their emotions on their faces in unguarded moments they are just out of their league.

So after Dave had his celebratory booze up what is he getting stuck into first? The start of the £8bn for the NHS? Membership to the EU referendum? 500 more schools? 200,000 new homes? Getting rid of tax for low income people? the increased childcare allowence? Going after all those big companies who avoid paying taxes? The £100bn on infrastructure? It's marching season and those potholes need filled, you don't want wee Jamie Bryson falling doon a pothole and dying like King Billy did .... or do you?

I'll tell you what Dave is doing first.

'David Cameron To Scrap Human Rights'

Sounds drastic right? Surely you just can't scrap human rights, what is this Nazi Germany? They want rid of the pesky EU version of human rights as they are too soft and want a British, kick up the backside we don't do emotions version. What a nice start, you voted for us so now bam! Fuck you morons.
You know who wouldn't take away YOUR human rights? Ed Miliband, that's who. He was a guppy in a pool full of sharks and the Tory voters poured some chum in.

Here is how they are selling it. 'Those evil criminals in prison can vote and can artificially inseminate their partners because the EU loves pedophiles!'  Why are they worried about them voting? They probably all voted Tory as prisons in the UK are more like halfway houses unlike in Florida where they are like the Thunderdome, you think our criminals voted for change? ... they love things the way they are.   

The Tory revision of human rights seems innocent enough but what they want to do is not make them human rights but to make them human terms and conditions may apply rights

Their version gets rid of your freedoms, it's not a case of 'well I've done nothing wrong I've got nothing to fear' it's a case of if you get in their way, are in the wrong place at the wrong time or are a nuisance or if they need a patsy. 

You will lose the right to life ....  a fair trial ....  not to be tortured ....  not be punished or imprisoned if you have done nothing wrong .... freedom of expression, thought and conscience ..... to marry and start a family .... owing land or possessions ..... education .... fair elections .... 

If the government wants to screw you over they want the law to be able to do that. 'This guy is a troublemaker, luckily we changed the law and can now silence him' They have already been taking your rights to protest against fracking and will drill at a slant under yer homes if they want to.

Interviewing some potential terror suspects.

If they have a terror suspect they will have the time to work on them and to get a win or fabricate a win in order to look good. Think of habeas corpus the government takes the right to control the media and the public to it's own best interest and the government's best interests are not always that of the people.   
Riots in London the other week? .... funny how the BBC just didn't mention them, royal picture scandal? ..... funny how the British media did not publish them. 

Easier to keep Britain together and united if you have laws that let you um bend the law. 

The US have a similar method known as the Patriot act where they can cite 'National security' and close you down, bug yer home or read your e-mails. 
Your father said some bad things about fracking, I just need you sign a paper that says he did. 

Why does Cameron want this? Well he wants to keep his Tory fan base happy by sticking it to the EU and to woo some Ukip people to him and with the likes of Edward Snowden he wants to be able to squash any whistle blowers, then you have George Clooney's wife taking the British government to court because some Catholics were tortured by British soldiers during the Troubles in the 70's .... The British government has got sooo much dodgy shit so they do not want constant court cases, we haven't even touched all those people of privilege who have had their pedophilia protected by the police for decades. 

Another thing the Tory human not rights bill has is protection of British soldiers during foreign operations, boys will be boys and rape and murder tends to happen but putting soldiers in prison is bad for moral and do you know how much it costs to train a soldier? They could grandfather their bill to include the Troubles I suppose, you had better hurry Mrs Clooney whatever yer name is. 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Future Of The War Machine

The International Defence Exhibition & Conference in Abu Dhabi

If there is a mystery such as planes flying into the world trade center and nearby buildings that weren't hit oddly collapsing, strange invasions that are hardly connected to events or upon the wane of one terrorist organization a new and more media savvy one appears, you should not take everything at face value but instead ask yerself, who is making money or gaining from this? 

The US defense budget for 2015 is $585 billion though closer to $600 billion, that's number one in the werld, USA USA! America is the number one war nation, followed by China with $141Billion and Saudi Arabia at $80billion. 

 Drones you say .... I'll take 10.

Not so fast Johnny Sandsavage you can't buy death from above quite just yet ..... but soon. There are numerous defense exhibitions around the world with 55 cuntries including the US, China, Russia, Turkey and many others going to the one in Abu Dhabi earlier this year. 

If only you had a terrorist organization that constantly reminded everyone via social media just how much danger the werld is in and that group some how was able to not suffer damage inflicted upon it by various nations .... that right there might drive up sales, Saudi themselves will be increasing their defense spending by 12% it's almost as if they are making a new market since they are worried at being too dependent on oil.   

The US is always trying to think of better ways to kill defend people and I'm wondering why they haven't used their Active Denial System or heat ray to disperse the numerous riots in the US, this system has been ready to be used since 2012. Is there an agenda to having out of control streets? Usually it's to bring in new laws for the safety of the public that infringes on their freedoms. 

 The Guardbot can roll around the streets and even roll up rivers and let you see everything.

Speaking of which drones and robots are becoming more acceptable, you put cameras on the police officers, cameras on the drones, cameras on the sentry bots .... see where I'm going?  The thing is to make the new ways more commonplace. The government actively intercepts our phone calls, texts and e-mails, thanks to everyone having phones (which are now commonplace) we can be tracked so watching us is the next big step .... for our own safety in case any cops shoot us.  

Smaller drones that fly in a swarm to tell artillery who and where to defend the fuck out of. Known as the Locust program  because it's a cool name and means Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology. It reminds me of the Marvel agency S.H.I.E.L.D when asked what does Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division mean to you? And the answer was, "that somebody really wanted to spell out shield."  

Low cost drones because reasonably priced didn't sound as good or spell anything, they are launched from a missile launcher, 30 at a time and meet up and fly together while communicating with the ground with each unit costing $10,000 how can you refuse a bargain like that? 

The USS Zumwalt .... at night.

The USS Zumwalt is an ugly ass destroyer that has recently been commissioned by the US navy. It has stealth capabilities and did I say ugly? $3 billion worth of ugly, it is currently undergoing sea trials to see if it floats. 
You can see what governments are planing by the arms they are making and buying. Foreign sea wars and fights in remote locations, quiet special ops motorcycles, smart bullets for small operations and having an aircraft carrier or a drone base at key places around the world at any time. 

Aircraft carriers remade sea battles, they can carry troops, equipment and commence long range operations by air, the US have 10 with 2 in reserve and 3 more being built. This is news because China just started using its first aircraft carrier .... ach they grow up so fast, with another being built. China is also building secret bases in the south China sea in disputed waters that contain huge landing strips, what are you up to China? Investing in the future huh. 

 HMS Queen Elizabeth

The UK have no aircraft carriers because they decided to scrap them and build 2 more for £6 billion which may be ready in 2020 so no wars til then ok?  Japan have got their carrier the Izumo and India have 2 in construction also.
Germany has brought 100 of its tanks out of moth balls and Russia is to bring in their T- 14 Armata super tanks to have 2,300 by 2020 ... again, always that date. France is doing the usual thing though and want to sell their aircraft carriers as they would only get in the way of surrendering. 

You certainly couldn't tell that there was a recession on, the defense industry isn't showing it. It's funny that all this caber rattling that was dying off when Obama took office has ratcheted up in time to re-model all the older defense systems and to introduce new ones, wheels are certainly being greased and when you have the best weapons, you can do as you please and not even have to use them. 

The future doesn't just passively happen, we make it happen and you can see by this military mindset what we want to happen.