Wednesday, 7 December 2016

GCHQ Can See You

Did you sign the petition against The Investigatory Powers Act? It was a bill waiting for royal approval and the Queen said, "fuck you complaining about me getting millions on the same day as the charity marathon for children, I'm giving it the go ahead." Well it's through now.

Yet another way for our lovely government to keep us safe. You can trust the government right? Remember when Old Knudsen said the UK is taking all the anti-public shite that the US does? Of course you don't, too busy looking at cat videos and crabs holding knives.

Internet providers and communications firms will be forced to hold bulk data for a year. This data involves what websites the user has connected to, not individual browser history unless there is a proper investigation. 

While surveillance agencies need a warrant for hacking your phone or computer the lower level plebs in the police, HRMC (taxman)  Food standards, gambling commission, dept of transport, fire and rescue services, the military police in all branches and of course the offices dealing with jobs and benefits to name a few can all take a look without a warrant.

Service providers in the UK can be told to remove encryption on devices. If you think of using Tor or Tails browsers for privacy well guess what, the NSA have been into Tor for years now.  Look up the XKeyscore software program you twat. GCHQ and the NSA have a long working relationship of sharing so don't think you are safe.

Proxy servers hold the original IP addresses and are easy enough to trace back to you if someone wanted to.  Will an investigation need much authority to get the go ahead? Without a warrant you are just relying on people with a tiny bit of power doing the right thing .... yeah we're fucked.

If you are online you've already freely given your info away to many people. We cannot control any other privacy issues, you are out there and stored if you are online.  Do a few Google searches of yourself with the name of yer town and see what comes up. You might get comments you made on some forum years ago.    

There is some good news, politicians will be guarded from this snooping as will the lawyer and doctor client privacy. Is it any wonder this bill was passed through the House of Lords without any problem? Yet another case of not the government working for us but them and us. 

By guarded I'm sure all that means is that you'd have to have a good reason to look them up and a friendly judge to agree. Rich and powerful people go by different laws remember.

 He sure looks at a lot of midget porn

The pleb on the street has no such protection. Sure this happens in the US and there isn't always a Snowden to uncover it. Did it really harm the public perception of Obama in any way?

In the UK and especially Northern Ireland it's a small place. You meet people you know all the time and it's a part of our national identity to be nosy cunts.

 That's the second time Tesco delivered groceries to their house

You can't even stand at the open window  in yer own home naked without the police being called and everyone sees the police at yer door. About 80% of folks here have PTSD as a way of life thanks to our decades of terrorism and everyone is always on high alert.

They know each other or know a friend of a friend and boy do they talk. The whole of Northern Ireland has a small town mentality. They say fuck all about terrorists and crime cos that is none of their business ... don't get involved, but buy a new car, Amazon deliveries, visitors, putting the bin out ... all logged by anyone with a window.

Imagine those people able to see what you do in your spare time. Don't like someone (Brexit has proved there are 52% hateful cunts here) got a grudge? Then look up their shit. I bet those Muslims go on jihad websites.

Old Knudsen is doing lots of weird ass searches now to give them something to see. If it wasn't for all those cute cats videos he'd go off line and let the werld destroy itself.  

If you have nothing to hide .... I'm sure they can fix that. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Truth Won't Set You Free

People protest me wanting to lay some pipe too ... MOAR SAGE!

I ask the difficult questions cos you don't want to offend and get shouted at IN CAPS!!!!! Such as why does Sherlock and Watson have blogs? Blogging was well dead by 2010 for fucks sake. Only mums obsessed by what their stoopid children do and other losers that can't shut up still have blogs. 

In case yer wondering little Timmy has just started to eat solids and can already say, "suck my nuts" I'll upload the 3 hour video I took this morning. He's so cute ... for a pinhead obviously ... damn you Zika!!!

On the 4th of October 2016 I posted about a dodgy FB page, something like Native American Culture or Heritage or some shite. I wondered how Johnny Depp looked 10 years younger but was wearing a Standing Rock t-shirt. I found and put the original into the comments as I doubted very much they were giving money to the cause. 
Even after my pics people were asking about the merchandise. They want to believe and to wear something that looks like they give a shit. I still have my 'Free Nelson Mandela' t-shirt cos he was only a bit of a terrorist. 

Eventually media outlets caught on about these t-shirt groups and found the pages to be run from the Far East and Eastern Bloc cuntries. If only they had listened to Old Knudsen and it wouldn't take them a month to catch on.

   There's too much plastic waste in the ocean I'm too sad to come into work today. 

Old Knudsen dislikes uber liberals as much as he does uber conservatives. They are soo similar in outlook. Facts or context gets ignored if it clashes with their world view. Conservatives will gladly sacrifice children to school shooters as long as they can have guns but if you touch their flag ... oh boy. 

Liberals see a black man shot by police and don't even want to know if he has a gun or not. It's the trendy cause not the facts! ... yes homeless Llamas is a worthy cause to support as is help for disabled seagulls. 

Neither lot can laugh at themselves. Also if you question their cause or make light of what they just said even though they were joking themselves you get turned upon. What started as light banter becomes 50 comments with facts from um ... the Internet. 

Alex Jones says Hillary runs a child sex ring from a pizza shop ... crazy falls for crazy all the time. Trump rapes and assaults females and brags about it. Ach just locker room rapes what about Hillary killing people that go to testify against her? that's more important, I saw a Youtube about it ... yet the all powerful Clintons cannot stay in the Whitehouse.   

Gog forbid you question the authenticity of anything that says Native American. "They were victims of genocide, they need our love" .... Firstly they did a fair bit of killing too, kept slaves and hey, first come doesn't mean you own the fucken place. Yes atrocities were carried out against them but what about the atrocities of today such as the tribes that didn't get casinos? 

The public are just starting to take an interest in the Red River Women after years of ignoring them. Still no protests with fake celebs pics though but they got a sculpture ... 20 cold cases of murder and disappearance. 

 Star of the hulk movies Will Smith. 

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" ~ Voltaire

Jesus, The Pope, Nelson Mandela, Ronald Reagan, One Direction, IRA Hunger Strikers, dead soldiers, sports stars and that crappy singer Leonard Cohen. Better not say anything remotely negative or you'll get death threat e-mails in green text.    

As Jesus said, "Some people will believe anything and they will not appreciate it when you aren't as gullible as they are" 

People set the stage, they give power to words and they define who or what is appropriate to criticize or question. There are no hard and fast rules as they are mostly made up by personal issues, copying what you've seen or what you think the cool kids are doing. I know this because what one person might do ... such as deleting thousands of e-mails when trying the trick the world into invading Iraq might be fine and just gets ignored. 
If another does it but it's a woman she is therefore an easier target right? (subconsciously) then we should JAIL HER!!!!!

Or why I don't listen to most people. While they think they are fine, sane, rational it always seems to be Old Knudsen with the issues and the problem. He's wrong, biased or just doesn't understand. Oh he understands, he just doesn't really give a shit and is amused at how wound up you get by it all. 

Ever hear someone say 'you are too close to it'? that means you cannot see the issue with clarity or objective thinking. It sometimes takes an outsider to see the obvious and the bigger picture. 

You know you have issues with logic when you like Trump but ignore how he treats people, if you like Obama but ignore his war crimes with drones, if you like Castro but ignore the executions and lack of elections. At least acknowledge the bad shit so others can see just what yer willing to put up with, don't say "well they aren't as bad as so and so" cos that logic is dumb.    

I don't like animal cruelty but enjoy eating animals. It doesn't get much more cruel than raising animals for food. Animals aren't as intelligent as humans so it's alright. 7 billion people on the planet and 6.5 billion of them are pretty dumb, can we not start eating them too? 

I'm not even gonna mention how fake this is, yes all the priests have logos on their dresses ... not! 

Pope Francis is great cos he smiles .... he only hates gheys a little and didn't hide as many pedos as John Paul II or Ratzinger. He did make a saint of yon fella that converted those injuns and yon bint that killed the poor people ... but he smiles and reminds people of some lovely old relative.  His eyes have stopped smiling though cos he's dead inside. 

Different topics trigger different buttons in people and it's very telling what they believe and how they project onto others. If you don't fall for their shit then you have obviously fallen for the media lies. 

Example of how Old Knudsen works. He supports the enemy of his enemy when there is no other choice. Often it's not an ideal world so he adapts and doesn't make his dreams or wishes his reality. 

He'll back Hillary and even Israel but never ignores the bad shit, he'll be loyal as long as that person or cause deserves it . He won't gush for hours nor will he dismiss the truth. I can like Captain Kirk (in the original series) yet still think that Shatner is a bit of a knob. 

Truth is often a product of perceptions and there is no one truth at times. If you sugar coat it or make excuses for it then you just aren't asking the right questions mostly of yerself.  Why aren't you willing to see?


Monday, 5 December 2016

Make The World Great Again

Immigrant trouble makers 

Yes we can blame the rise in crime on immigrants. If they weren't here we wouldn't have to call them names, tell them to go home and burn their homes down. What have immigrants ever done for the cunty? Fucken Angles, Saxons and Jutes all taking good British jobs. 

I went to a Mexican food place and all they had was burritos and tacos an shit, where are the spuds? British hero Sir Francis Drake invented the potato you'd at least expect some chips or French Fries as immigrants call them. Chipping away at our British culture they are.

It's too easy to blame immigrants and Muslims etc, I miss the old days when it was Jews that were to blame for everything.

They kill Jesus yet the Romans got the blame, well played. 

 Och aye I never did do nothing

I've figured the it, I know who is to blame .... no not men, I'm sick of man shaming about how we're the ones doing the raping and starting the wars. I shagged a bird and you know what? I didn't give yer permission to suck me off so I'm the victim here. 

Check out those JCB starter buttons

Weemen re to blame .... yeah, shocker. The Bible which was written around 1887 shows Lilith refusing to have sex with Adam cos he wants to do the "normal" missionary style sex. She wanted to jump on top, do reverse cowgirl, lust and thrust, the organ grinder and other deviant positions .... who the fuck wants that?

It's a rhetorical question as the answer is obviously no one ... gross! 

Lilith got dumped and things looked good with Eve, she knew what men liked. We like it when they lie still. The only problem was she was highly suggestible and bit the apple thus spoiling Adam's sweet set up cos he was really into his garden of Eden but God said, "you had to go an listen to yon bint, no more Geraniums and potted plants for you, out of the garden!"  

Adam had to apply to the council for an allotment to grow his geraniums and mums on. Imagine the humiliation. I have a first edition Bible and it's all in there.  

Since then our male ego has been belittled and were told we have to talk about our feelings which is shite, I want to fuck or kill things ... not necessarily in that order. I want to burn, shoot and blow stuff up. I want to do things half arsed and say, "good enough". If food falls on the floor it's still good even after the 5 day rule.

I want to be able to blow snot out on the street or when there is too much saliva in my mouth I can spit it out and not get judged. When a waiter/tress or barman drops something I want to be able to cheer, laugh and not look like a dick.   
 The good old days. 

I want to scratch, sniff and fart and not be judged as uncouth cos I'm just being manly. People see my poor hygiene as being slovenly behavior but I don't need no negative judgements .... I can be double negatives too cos education is like poofy ... you don't watch a John Wayne film to be intellectually challenged, you watch it cos he's good at pretending to be a man.

He never says, "Get off your horse and tell me what yer thinking."

I want to make the werld great again! No one worried about the environment, everyone believed what the government told them, terrorists were white and Catholic, the few brown ones were Arabs. Everyone smoked and licked asbestos cos it never did do anyone no harm.

Fuck those sentences make my head hurt. Being a man means I don't got to think too much, thinking too much made the atom bomb.  

Newspapers had tits in them and we couldn't wait for large breasted gurls to turn 16 so they could get them out.

It wasn't quite being a pedo cos it was gurls and so it was fine. We wanked away to these young lasses with parental permission and it was acceptable. You never get good parents like that these days ... unless you go on the dark net, PM me I've got some contacts.

Stoopid Americans waste 2 years and the build up is just too much."those Olson twins are going to be 18 soon , know what I mean huh huh?" ... no, what does that mean? They'll not touch you as adults? Maybe it's because then you don't have to pull yerself off to them in secret, you can do it with yer mates who will no longer judge you.  

iCarly is 23, sure you may still think of her as a young teen being goofy but now she's legal, huh, huh, know what I mean?

Do hipster pedos say, "I was wanking over Hermione Granger long before she became hot"?  

We seem to live in hope that weemen in entertainment will get their tits out. Well it werked for Game of Thrones. You you even comprehend the disappointment when a hot chick doesn't get them out?  I want to tell them, 'fuck integrity you'll be old some day and you'll have wished you got them out on camera to remember the good old days.'

23 huh. A bit on the old side but not too bad.

News papers have really gone downhill now. No tits, all you have left is the slanted made up content. Thanks to liberals, feminists and commies these ladies have to get real jobs or go into porn ... see what you did?

Britain lived up to its name of GREAT we went half way around the werld and beat the Argies, that's winning one war more than those alleged superpowers .... what losers.

We had pretty ladies on our beer cans. It was a young man's rite of passage to knock one out to a beer can.

No one complained about blackface on the telly, no one complained about being sexually molested at the BBC. People didn't take offense at the smallest thing and if you were raped you were no doubt asking for it.

Now men get blamed for forcing themselves onto others WTF ... what ever happened to blame society or the parents?

Our NHS surgeons had little plastic eyelets in their surgical masks that you could fit yer ciggie into in case you were gasping for a fag during a long 1 hour surgery.

Clamp, foreskins forceps, fag!  
You go on about fags these days and people call you a gramophone or something.

You could wank to popular TV shows such as Top of the pops or Benny Hill. on Top of the Pops which was a show watched by the whole family you'd have sexy barely dressed weemen doing durty dancing while the cameraman tried to look up their skirts ... but it kept families together.  The family that gets aroused together stays together.

I don't know what the fuck is going on now, no wonder the werld is in a shit state. Feminists condemn body shaming and tell us to stop judging weemen like they are just objects of lust saying that they are so proud of their bodies that everyone should see them so they post topless selfies for you to judge.

Then they denounce naked pics taken when they weren't so famous. Aren't feminists about weemen's rights and aren't shallow slappers that get them out for money just making the whole sexism system go round? You can understand my confusion.   

Old Knudsen is a feminist cos he doesn't judge naked pics, he's too busy wanking to them, I'm typing this with one hand BTW.

Weemen have a power over men and by showing their tits on beer cans, in the papers and on the bus they make the werld a better place.
When they did get them out without terms and conditions attached, racism, sexism and being a pedo weren't the anger triggers they are today, it was more socially acceptable ... thus um better.

Miss KKK

The KKK were neighbours with interesting 4th of July fireworks, politicians (hey there Ted Heath former Prime Minister) were all pedos but they kept the cuntry running. Only students cared about minorities.

You can't beat a law student with yer baton these days without it going on YouTube and people giving it the thumbs down. Do you know how demoralizing the thumbs down is when you shoot some black dude and are put on administrative leave ?

I think I've made a great case to make the werld great again and do away with all the hate because even bigots, sexists and racists have feelings but no one ever stops to consider that.

Yeah ok, the whole tits out at 16 does seem well very fucken dodgy, we should make it 12. 


Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trump Announces His Latest Winner

After running a campaign that denounced big banks and then putting a load of former bankers and rich people into cabinet postions, Donald Trump has announced Mr Moneybags as the head of Housing and Urban Development.

A poll of Trump supporters show that they still stand by their vote for him no matter what he does now and that he still speaks for working class America ... as do all the rich people on his cabinet.
Another poll shows that 98% of Trump voters will never admit to being lost and don't need instructions when assembling flat pack furniture. 

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Thomas Mair Is The Real Victim ... According To The Daily Fail

Here's the way it goes. If the right wing look like they will lose they cry FOUL! if something happens that makes them look bad they cry FOUL! .... yes for loud shouty people that give off the appearance of being strong and tough they do cry a lot and act the victim.

I didn't know of English politician Jo Cox until she was murdered. It was just before the EU referendum and carried out by a Brexit supporter. The right had already begun to blame the lefty liberals for the death saying how they would milk it for a win, they even blamed Cox on being killed.

The murderer had shouted "Britain First" as he shot and stabbed the slim 5 foot tall woman. As soon as that became public knowledge the right wing group Britain First set about denying any links to the killer, 53 year-old Thomas Mair. They and others such as Louise Mensch in her Sun column attempted to discredit witnesses and show Mair as a non-political loner, a quiet man who volunteers as a gardener for old people, he just has some mental health issues.

Here he is quietly waving to some ill orphans or something, one he really likes is called 'sick Kyle' I'm sure it made his day to have his name repeated over and over.

The murder of a left wing politician who was one of the good ones really brought out the worst in some people. Cox believed in diversity and helping people and would have been very upset over the referendum result and the basic attitude of her fellow Brit.

The Daily Mail didn't think the Cox story was relevant for the front page or any of the 29 pages after when Mair was given a life sentence but instead the Mail focuses on making excuses for him and even blaming immigrants.

A stolen sawn off rifle with hollow point bullets. 

Do I have to tell you how disgusting this is? I'm not sure anymore because people have become total cunts, is there something in the water?
I can understand some folk being gullible and believing the Brexit lies of giving millions to the NHS and controlling the borders ... even the whole we'll negotiate a better trading deal one. The usual Brexit voter has an overinflated view of the UK and still thinks it's a power to be reckoned with.

They also don't like reality and thinking things out but they'll say the same about liberals so you can't win. It's the stupid sticking by the vote after all the lies and crap has been exposed that I don't get.

Looking for excuses to justify post Brexit bigotry. I can only give them the benefit of the doubt so many times before it becomes ... yeah they know what is going on, they just don't care cos it isn't them.

Jo Cox was ambushed as she got out of her car. She was going to attend her surgery which is what they call meeting the public and helping them. It was a regular thing for her to do at a library. Mair went up to her and shot her twice in the head, one shot went straight through her hand that she was holding up in a defensive manner.
He also shot her in the chest. He used a dagger similar to ones used by British special forces in WWII and stabbed her 15 times. A 78 year-old man tried to save her and was stabbed but survived his injuries.

Other bystanders shouted at Mair and when he was done he just walked off as if nothing had happened. A plumber followed him at a distance and led the police to him.

In Mair's home there was Nazi memorabilia and books on white supremacists and the KKK, he had researched online various groups and other assassinations.

When soldier Lee Rigby was hacked to death by two Islam extremists you didn't see groups like Britain First or  Louise Mensch call them mentally disturbed and make excuses for them.  

Mair might have well have shouted "Allahu Akbar"as his attack was just as frenzied and brutal at theirs. Has the Daily Mail been shouting TERRORIST? Has it fuck ... he was worried about losing the home he doesn't even own and what if immigrants moved in? .... maybe, it isn't fact but it sounds good to them. Poor white guy just fell through the cracks, lets blame society.

If only he was a veteran then that would be him cleared huh. We could totally blame PTSD and the Muslims for making him shoot at them. 

We go through this every time a white guy goes nuts in the US. White people CAN be terrorists. Not wanting to sound like a hipster we had white Christian terrorists long before the US re-branded them as brown Muslims.

In fact the IRA were the last people to kill a British politician back in 1990.

People need to look themselves in the mirror ...make eye contact if you can. A good person like Cox wanting to stay in the EU should have been an indication that it was the right thing to do. Not convinced yet?

When she was attacked her concern was for her assistants "get away, get away you two. Let him hurt me. Don't let him hurt you".

She leaves behind a husband and two children. She also leaves behind a country lessened by her loss as well as lessened by the actions of the voters. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Trump And Farage Review Schindler's List

Donald Trump and Nigel Farage took the time out from blaming immigrants to review Steven Spielberg's 1993 classic Schindler's List. 

Trump: Great to be here with British Prime Minister Nigel Farage, how is England? I love England it's terrific, I have a golf resort in England, beautiful scenery except for those bird killing wind mills on the coast. 

Farage: um yes I'm only the PM unofficially because the election was rigged by the EU. Isn't your golf resort in Scotland?  

Trump: That's what I said, Scotland, in England.  

Trump: I just want to say what a terrific movie this is. About the Germans helping the Jews to find homes in Warsaw, tremendous! The little girl in the red coat, beautiful a fantastic actress, I'd date her good and hard. 

Farage: She's in her 20's now and says she's traumatized by the whole experience.   

Trump: What a loser, probably after some money I don't know. Is she hot? 

Farage: Well I wouldn't say no. The ladies in the film have real bangin bods, is it wrong to get an erection during a Holocaust film?  

Trump: The Jews tend to have hot bods, I'm part Jewish and my daughter is one of the Jews and she is hot, am I right? I'll make you an honorary Jew so a boner is fine.  Just shrug, say 'oy vey' and enjoy it already.

Trump: Did you see Schindler kiss that girl? I bring old time values like this to America and get blasted for it in the biased media but I stand by what I do because it's who I am. I often kiss employees or women I find attractive and they love it because I'm famous. They get to point at the TV and say, 'I kissed Donald Trump' and everyone will be so jealous of them believe me. 

Farage: She looks like she is really enjoying it, do your employees enjoy it as much?

Trump: If they don't they're fired. One broad that worked for me objected so I fired her and destroyed her reputation. I even told her husband and 2 kids she was a lesbian ... she had to have been one of the lesbians right? am I right? the poor slob didn't work in my town again.  

Farage: Maybe we should talk about the film. A dark time in history wouldn't you agree? If there hadn't been immigrants and liberals we wouldn't have had a world war.    

Trump: Probably definitely correct. One take away from this movie is the excellent management involved. You can't run these camps with millions of people in them without good leadership. A liberal would see atrocities but I see a gun enthusiast getting rid of some slackers, firing them literally. 

Farage: My great-grandfather was a German immigrant  go getter who moved to London, your own grandfather was a go getter from Germany too ..... makes you wonder if it has any relevance to our political leanings. 

Trump: I'm not a politician, I'm a businessman.    

Farage: You're the president.  

Trump: I know it's crazy right? I'm a go getter, I'll get things done. Just not a wall, repealing Obamacare or jailing Hillary because that was just locker room talk. Back to the movie, great uniforms the Germans had, terrific!   

Farage: No wonder all those Jewish ladies wanted to sleep with them. I sometimes dress as an SS guard for my German wife. All harmless fun. We should get Melania and double date sometime. 

Trump: No way, I've seen your wife, besides Melania hasn't done the nasty since Barron was born, I've had to outsource that.    

Farage: So we agree that while the Germans had some great ideas their dream of socialism failed because they were looking after all these people in the camps. The film was a little on the long side and not enough hairy muff in my not at all humble opinion. 

Trump: A fantastic movie, sad ending for a great leader undermined by crooked liberals that lied to get jobs that German people could have done. A factory full of lazy liberals run by Oscar swindler ... see what I did there? 

Farage: I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It would have gotten more if there was more naked totty in it. 

Trump: I give it 4 out of 5 and it's the six pointed stars that a sheriff would wear. A fantastic movie, feel good, a great for the whole family romp. I liked the shooting and costumes, the Germans reminded me of my rallies, good times, tremendous! 

Farage: We should do this again, have I showed you pics of my mistress Annabelle Fuller? Way better than my second wife. 

Trump: Ok then as a favor to you I'll meet her but don't blame me if she falls for me, I'm famous and women just love me. 

Trump: Our next movie can be Finding Nemo, a sad story of child neglect with the liberal child protection agency turning a blind eye, what losers!      

Monday, 28 November 2016

Man In The Gold Castle

The fixed Statue of Liberty

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free and once we've weeded out the undesirables and for a special one time low fee you can come live in America as soon as you've been tagged and registered. 

President Trump settled his fraud case for $25 million. The Students of Trump University were certainly schooled. If it sounds like a fart then it probably is a fart ::::trummmppp:::::

In the run up to the inauguration it has turned out he used $56 million from his Donald J. Trump Foundation to fund his election campaign. $880,000 for portraits given to friends, nose jobs for his loyal campaign staff and an SS honor dagger said to belong to Hermann Göring. Also 4 lawsuits for unpaid bills and services, 2 allegations of child rape and the hit and run of a homeless man outside of his Mar-A-Lago Estate home in Florida. 

It's a busy time for Trump which is why Obama has called for the people to support him and to give him a chance even though his Vice President Joe Biden challenged Trump to a duel which we've told cannot take place for legal reasons.  

The New York subway has been painted with Trump's new logo in celebration. 

Yes Muslims have to call into Trump Liberty Centers to be registered and tagged but what a small price for freedom and security huh. 

Yes there are bills getting written that limit the lies of the media and the biased stories they print. I think we all agree that the cast of Hamilton who asked the audience not to boo Mike Pence then asked him to serve the people with integrity were out of line, bullies. That show will be closing its doors in January. 

I'm sure you can agree that Alec Baldwin playing some kind of grotesque and not at all real version of the president elect is quite un-American and chips away at the security of the nation.     

Mount Trumpmore, tremendous, am I right am I right? 

There will be changes, America will be great again. There will be a roll back on ghey marriage and abortion cos anyone that does either is obviously working for Satan. Not my words, check the Bible, Jesus said it before he built the Ark of the covenant ... know yer scripture .... cos there will be a test on it if you think you can claim welfare and partake for free of such commie services such as the police and fire service. 

If you can't pay the crook gets away .... catchy huh. If you don't earn then yer home will burn. 

 Heil me! 

All the Obama FEMA death camps he was going to fill up with guns and rednecks will now become Trump Liberty Camps .... or TLC. They will contain liberals trouble makers who endanger democracy, and of course Hispanics, the cast of SNL, Hamilton and Muslims duh! 

All those far right white supremacists alt-right supporters who have been having rallies and shouting Heil Trump! etc will be rewarded as patriots and formed into militias as per the Constitution.  They will patrol the streets to make sure women are dressed appropriately.  

Ugly fat slobs will be kept out of the public eye but if everyone buys enough Trump points they will have a decent first world life .... it's America so don't expect healthcare or clean drinking water though, only magical make believe places have that. 

Americans will put up with a lot as long as they think their rights are not being infringed or that brown or black people are getting something they aren't. 

1) You can have free education, healthcare, a house, a safe clean environment but limited guns such as shotguns, single shot rifles and revolvers. 

2) Or you can have crap education, no university, no healthcare, you get a trailer or can rent, lead or rocket fuel in the water, fracking kicking up chemicals for your kids to breath in but all the guns you have now. 

Americans have repeatedly chosen the big steamy number two.   All the guns in the world couldn't make average Joe with type one diabetes and a bad back overthrow the well armed and trained government. 

If you took shit for granted, sulked instead of vote or didn't care what yer soldiers fought and died for and elected someone who was a coward and a bully then you just brought down everyone else to yer level of stupid. 
The smart and decent folk have to put up with 8 years of the US being 10 times the international joke it was when GW Bush was preez all thanks to you but you don't care because you think self-respect is keeping yer lawn mowed or yer car clean or maybe it's a classy neck tattoo, you just don't have a clue. 

Trump is like a partner that beats you but you say, 'maybe they'll be different, maybe they'll change' of course they never do because once they see what you'll put up with they'll only keep giving you more. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Liberals Are Mean

Angry liberals about to explode into mindless violence no doubt. 

After the UK elections, Brexit and the US elections we saw the true face of liberals. Their protests and constant complaints sent a shudder into the cold hearts of conservatives everywhere. "how can they be so mean?" many asked. 

Of course for years those same conservatives supported politicians that were all for getting rid of foreigners, imposing restrictions on the poor, old and disabled. 

In the US there have been morons claiming that Obama was about to take their guns, set up FEMA death camps and invade those states full of rednecks with UN troops or something. For 8 fucken years they have gone on like this and demanding to see his birth certificate. 
In the UK we put up with austerity, people committing suicide over it and then re-electing the same conservative government that imposes those measures. 

Christians have refused to sell ghey flowers and ghey cakes and then claim they are being persecuted because they aren't allowed to discriminate .... those fucken liberals and their evil equality ideas.   

 Ryan Bundy, making slack jawed yokels look good.

Then there was those rednecks taking over a wildlife sanctuary because the government wouldn't let them exploit whatever land they wanted to exploit and then getting away with it in court. 

They called for liberty or death but got homesick and rethought the death bit. 

Years and years of conservatives putting more thought into ghey sex than the gheys themselves. Years of frightened calls to arm yourself cos Obama or Hillary is coming for yer guns and rights. Years of blaming hard working immigrants and ignoring domestic terrorism carried out by white people in favour of anything that brown people might do. 

Now these well armed ammosexuals that claim they are tough, brave and ready to die for their cuntry .... except they don't really mean to actually die are whining about angry liberals. 

A Trump supporter sucker punches a liberal at a rally? ..... just being a passionate patriot. Liberals beat up a Trump supporter in the street because somehow he was able to tell them his politics and probably in a civilised manner. 

Yeah I'm sure the werds "liberal fags" wasn't used at all. 

Conservatives don't think and don't think things through. The Bundys no doubt pictured a glorious battle like in the movies ... maybe like the Alamo but not the bit about Davey Crockett being cut down after he surrendered as that isn't John (draft dodging) Wayne like at all. 

Lets call for a revolution but by revolution they mean posing with their guns. They don't want to get hurt. Liberals being violent seems to have shocked them, "huh I thought guns scared them" yeah they don't mind using their fists though. 

They can't get their head around the fact that liberals won't take shit, it isn't in their world view. Guess what, it takes a lot to rile a liberal because they would rather let you do the right thing first and give you a chance to be decent. 

War isn't glorious, it's long hours of uncomfortable waiting and then 5 - 20 minute bursts of extreme noise, fear and violence. 

Revolution is just that. Could an over weight coffee drinking smoker put up with the hardships of war when they can't even go an hour without a smoke and a cup of Joe .... or a Twinkie? 

I'm angry and I'm not sure why.   

I love how Christians who are part of the world's largest religion can claim to have a war on them and how they are persecuted. Starbucks wouldn't put Trump or Jesus on their cups .... lets persecute em for persecuting us.  

Making other people do yer shit, that's called bullying where I'm from. Equality doesn't mean you can be a dick, it means everyone is treated how you would want to be treated, why do assholes insist on being assholes in public where it is bound to offend someone? Cos conservative right wing twats are attention whores and bullies that's why. 

You and yer whataboutery asks about ghey pride parades? Are they insisting you be ghey? right wingers insist on you following their Shania law. Kinda different when it's a minority that faces daily abuse than those that do the abusing.

Remember Fuck you Indiana? I lost a FB friend over that because he was more concerned about insults to his state than he was about laws that discriminated against queers. Good riddance you loser. 

The Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed into law the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act .... Now he's a heartbeat away from being president.    

You white supremacists and far right may try to disguise yerselves as being Alt right but we're onto you. You may disguise yerselves as being the victims but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as patriots but we're onto you. You might disguise yerselves as Christians but Jesus is ashamed of you, that's why he hasn't returned .... it's all yer fault. 

Liberals may have screwed themselves over by not voting or for splitting their votes. I'm more shocked at how afraid conservatives are as they run to stroke the firearms they still have for comfort.