Friday, 23 September 2016

Trump's Mind Control Power

The ugly racist face of freedom

Trump supporters aren't deplorable .... well not all of them. I'm sure there are some that are just dumb and  plain gullible in amongst all the Nazis and white supremacists. Of course if you are that dumb and gullible you probably shouldn't really have a vote. I mean freedom is one thing but yer really ripping the arse out of it. 

I have issues about people who make things all about them, what the fuck is that about? It's clearly all about Old Knudsen. Trump can go to make a eulogy at the funeral of a WWII vet and he'd start with the whole greatest generation bullshit but within 2 minutes it would turn to crooked Hillary and how he is the only one to fix things ... though he never says how. 

Chris Christie, Carson and most of the other GOP candidates and even Giuliani aren't gullible. They are sneaky and insidious who have latched on to their best and only hope for future power and relevance. What is Trump's platform? His platform is the cycle of abuse. He abuses minorities to get the bigots and then courts the minorities promising to never hit them again.

    His incorrect retweet that originated from a white supremacist site. 
The real figures. 

He gets a photo op with some black people, goes to a church that has black people there and  VOILA! he loves them coloreds .... Still doesn't change how he was sued twice for not renting to people of color. Yeah Dylann Roof when into a black church too, whatever. 

I've seen black people waving the Confederate flag for fucks sake, like I said there are some real idiots out there. 

Hitler loves me, it's the fucken Jews you have to watch out for!

Guess who also liked black people when he had a use for them. I don't think that Trump is racist, he says racist things to the mob and stokes the fires of bigotry but I believe he can get on with anyone of any race if he has a use for them. He dated a black model Kara Young once. 

He's racist for pay. 

He is using people who are easily influenced. He does this by repeating phrases. When supporters are pinned down to what Trump stands for they go for his phrases. We've seen this parroting in Northern Ireland when the fucken morons less well educated as in they went to school but didn't learn fleggers repeat culture and chipping away at our heritage but not any real facts, it's all emotion based.

Make America great again, that's like telling a woman she looks very pretty today ... wasn't I pretty yesterday? America is just as great as anywhere. What's he going to do, sell Illinois, Alaska, Florida, Texas and Arizona? ... they're dragging you down America.  

Trump uses believe me a lot, also people say as in to imply that he and the voter aren't the only ones that feel this way so it's perfectly fine. Combine that with the charades and the idiot acting he does and well 98% of thought is unconscious, these people are picking up on more than they are even aware of. 

If I say 'I'm going to talk about a big grey elephant but not yet so don't think about a big grey elephant just yet, we'll get to the big grey elephant later' what are you picturing in yer head?  .... yeah probably still yon ghey porn you were watching just before you clicked on this blog. 


This okay sign means he is talking about something positive or something he wants you to believe like how he is the only one that can save America. 

Double okay signs means he REALLY insists that you believe him. He's making the points he wants to stick in yer head. 

This means he wants you to be outraged about something incredible or over the top. He's in full rumour flow. "A credible source in the White House called me about a plan to introduce a flag tax and charge people for flying the flag of our nation on the 4th of July ... veterans will have to pay more."

Hands out means he's slagging off someone and telling the people how bad things are. It implies we are helpless at the moment .... we gotta get tough, get smart, somebody needs to figure things out. 

He recently announced that Obama was probably most definitely born in the US period .... the stick and carrot. This means he is trying to appear more sane in order to get the smart but jaded voter who isn't racist. He may also say that climate change is real, vaccines don't cause autism and that Rosie O'Donnell has a banging hot body. 

Keep them guessing huh. 

He is now saying that Clinton started the birther story in 2008. He'll have to repeat that one quite a bit. Maybe it was Clinton supporters but Hillary was in no way connected, she's way smarter than Bill, she wouldn't leave DNA on a dress for fucks sake.   

Every news story about a bomb or shooting Trump will say something about it before the facts are out as he has a 50/50 chance of being right and if he is right he'll make sure you know it. A bomb, a shooting, a Muslim ... TERRORISTS!!!!!! Well it's not going to be the fucken IRA is it.

Old Knudsen id always right and people still question him, don't rely on the old I told you so

 Look at my flags I'm obviously patriotic. 

Trump has pledged the people of Boston to make all the big dictionaries, Websters and Oxford change the definition of terrorist to mean radical Islamist that isn't white. The IRA will now be known as fun loving Irish patriots .... believe me.  

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jump Scare Shooter

 Terrence (left) and his father. The fashion police were not called.

Terrence Crutcher was a big black man .... aye the stuff that whitey's nightmares are made of.  He had a rap sheet of concealing a weapon and resisting arrest for which he got a 6 month suspended sentence and some traffic violations too. Those crimes were 11 years old though and not serious enough for jail time. 

Traffic violations is a big earner for police departments so this is fucken serious. The 40 year-old's car stalled in the middle of the road and a cop car pulled up to see what was up.

The big black man walked towards the police because hey, he hadn't done anything wrong and maybe they could help him get home right? They shouted to see his hands so he raised them. They said they continued to talk to him but he refused to listen and walked towards his SUV. 

Officer Betty Shelby responded to the call. Her husband, another police officer was in the helicopter watching events unfold on the ground. She probably thought this big black man was going to rape her. Gun, taser, gun, taser which one to use? Officer Shelby often lay awake at night thinking of BBC so this was probably her worst nightmare.

For some reason Crutcher walked to his SUV then to the driver's door. The police said he reached into the vehicle though his body movement doesn't show any reaching. If anything it looks like he reached to open the door. His body didn't arch to reach through the open window, only his arm moved .... he was big remember.

The cops in the chopper were giving newscaster like commentary saying how Crutcher isn't listening to commands and maybe on something. One says "time for taser I think" and the other says that's what he thinks is going to happen and how he looks like a "bad dude" too.

Yes it did look like he was walking away and here is what I think is happening. Crutcher has it in his head that he hasn't done anything wrong, he broke down for fucks sake, he's shown he's unarmed and he's 40. In his mind he's a father, son and a good guy enrolled in college. He probably didn't think that a cop would shoot him, that shit happens to other people so he's intent on explaining himself.

You get yer own dialogue in yer head and follow it because that is what you know.

The cops pull over, it's a large black dude in the middle of the road. Is he armed, are there others, is this a police ambush? On this road with the light fading they are on high alert rather than assume he has just broken down and needs help.

Old Knudsen has served in urban settings with a loaded weapon during a time of stress and terrorist ambushes, he never went about crapping himself and shooting people. I understand the fear and the mind set that police would have, though US cops seem very afraid.

That's what happens when you become too reliant on guns. The rest of the world thinks a knife or broken bottle is a fine weapon but Americans freak out when they merely think about being gun-less. That's why they can never win a war without help.

Second guessing American police seems to be a thing these days. In a world of cameras the old shit is hard to get away with. Mistakes now get questioned. How many Rodney Kings was there before Rodney King?

There is more outrage at some ball player not standing for the national anthem than there is for an unarmed man getting shoot dead for no reason other than cop fear.

Look at the last picture. That was how far from the car they were. Four police officers. The bald one fired the taser hitting Crutcher and then Shelby shoot him instantly after being tasered. With guns pointed they walked backwards as if Crutcher was still a threat. No one checked if he was alive or not. 

The cop on the far side had his hand on his hips or resting on his pouches and gun all throughout this stop. He obviously didn't feel threatened. He only pulled his gun at the end to cover their retreat from the dying man who later died in hospital.

Yeah lets make sure we follow procedure when we back away, wouldn't want to get into trouble.

Shelby probably reacted in panic set off by her taser officer. This panic and mindset cost an innocent man his life. 

Recently a 74 year-old volunteer reserve sheriff deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office was found guilty of killing another unarmed black guy by shooting him in the back. He claimed to have used his pistol by mistake as he thought it was his stun gun. He was heard on tape saying, "Oh! I shot him! I'm sorry!"

 Trump and his tokens that he calls "The Blacks"

Not to sound like Trump but something has to be done. Trump is firmly on the side of the police no matter who they kill. He has said that if black lives matter so much then go back to Africa ..... then he probably went on about how black people love him. 

Police departments need more funding, better and more training, higher standards of hiring and more accountability. None of that them and us mindset that armed forces often have in regards to soft no skin in the game civvies.

Old Knudsen doesn't blindly support anyone, he'll support them to a point as long as they behave with integrity. Not all cops are killers and panic stricken jump scare shooters. Not all Muslims are terrorists, not all Catholic Priests are pedos and not all big black men are bad dudes.  

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trump Couldn't Negotiate A Value Meal

Is that a wine glass beside the non-KFC drink? 

Nothing says 'man of the people' more than eating some fast food. It's different in the UK and while Tories look just weird when they eat, a good British politician appeals to the public by drinking alcohol as we're a nation of barely functioning alcoholics. 

The Queen mum used to chug a pint and then she'd pull out a funnel and rubber tube and beer bong a few more. The Queen doesn't give a fuck and if she is presented with a pint she'll refuse to drink it and make Prince Philip do it instead as she prefers the elitist sherry 8 times a day. She doesn't have votes to gain or elections to win. She even refused to sit on the Iron Throne for a photo op ffs.  

Ronnie may have sold weapons to Iran, funded terrorists and ruined the economy except for the defense sector but he had the sense to buy a value meal at about 2 bucks back then .... but Ronnie, you eat yer fries first ya eejit cos they get cold first.  Maybe he forgot about them like he did his straw. 

Trump showed some medical records on TV cos he's an attention hoor and they showed he had high cholesterol and qualified as being obese. At least he qualifies for something.

This picture of him eating a Big Mac and large fries shows you why he is not fit to be president and not because of his diet. He lacks good judgement.  

You buy a large meal but no drink? What kind of value is that? How can we expect you to make good trade agreements when you waste money on lunch? 

Are there even any fries in that box? Yer drink is open but hasn't been touched, are we to believe you've eaten most of yer fries and have never taken a drink?
Why are you eating from the box Mr Trump? You have a napkin set out. Normal people pour their fries out if they have a plate or table to eat at, they also use ketchup if they have ketchup .... where is yer ketchup Mr Trump? 

The lid of the Big Mac box is where you put yer fries if you don't have a plate but you have a plate and a box and don't use either, what the fuck?  

What kind of person opens everything up and has it sitting ready just getting cold or going flat? I've learned from experience that you replace the lid of yer bottle after every drink or in yer feeding frenzy you might knock if over. 

 Best to wear disco clothes when eating KFC.

The picture with the KFC is upsetting too. Where is his drink? If he got gravy why isn't it open and where are his fries or wedges to dip into it? Is he going to drink it with his silver spoon? A knife and fork for his chicken ..... what kind of elitist animal is he? 

 Excellent value.

At least his running mate Mike Pence had the sense to eat with a hottie so you don't notice the poor judgement of not getting KFC drinks. He's eating the chicken the only way you can with yer hands and fuck the napkins eh? 

Paying more than usual for a large Mac meal and getting a diet coke. Aye ya better watch yer figure. These staged pictures tells us more than they were meant to. The unused packets of ketchup reflects the voters fooling themselves to make America great but are really just happy that their bigoted views are being validated. 

The silver ware symbolize the empty vague promises and the lack of crumbs, drips and grease suggest a better more expensive meal is waiting in the wings and this fast food that is not being eaten has been sitting in an aide's bag for most of the day waiting for this photo op. 

Would you like to make it a large meal for 30 cents extra? .... Here's the amount I'm willing to pay you for this meal. You can have $2 or nothing at all .... that's my deal. 

When Hillary isn't unhinging her jaw to eat live rodents she is busy sexualising food with small bites or food that requires a deep throating. She uses plastic like real people do too. 

She has learned to imitate humans by raising her eyebrows every time she takes a big bite. Trump has been known to roll his eyes back in his head when he bites. 

It says you are phat and tremendous isn't a medical term, did you write this?

Not only have these photos shown Trump to be a poor choice for president it makes you wonder what other normal things he does strangely. 
Does he lay out an ass gasket and set amounts of toilet roll when he takes a dump? .... does he even use the toilet roll or does he just have it sitting out unused like the napkins? Maybe he never flushes as seeing his product being taken away without someone paying him for it might upset him. He probably hires an immigrant to flush for him. 

Does he wash his hands after? .... that would imply they were dirty so I doubt he does. Do hands that size even need to be washed?

Does he even watch Joe in the morning or does a staffer tell him how lame and liberal he was to save him the trouble of doing so?  He claims to hate it and complains regularly about it on Twitter. Why does he watch it then? Is it like Fear of the walking dead? .... it's shite but you watch it anyways out of habit and self loathing? ... OMG what if they were talking about him.

Hillary doesn't eat McDonald's or KFC because her other big bank sponsors wouldn't like it.... besides that's the last thing her arse needs. 

Out of touch elitists really show what a different world they live in to us when they try to copy average Joe behavior but the certainty is that someone will fall for it or one of the other things they do and that is all they need.      

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Gamers Shouldn't Get Out More

Game designers and gamers have always been respectful of women. Sure there are games where you can get lap dances, hookers, kill and beat up scantily clad women ..... oops kinda lost my point there.

Anyways if gamers didn't love women they wouldn't feature them in the games. Statistics show that 94% of gamers will only personally know around 3 women in their lives and usually they are all family members. You don't want these weird awkward kids growing up completely devoid of hot chick interaction, most of these losers    gamers won't even leave their wanking den bedrooms in order to face rejection from a real woman.

They will never feel the wonder of having their heart ripped out by someone that only smiled at you to be polite and actually took offense to you following her to her house on Tate's Ave ... fucken teasing bitch. 

   A typical loser socially awkward gamer type. 

In order to help young gamer dudes meet girls safely as there are silly laws against abduction, one of the attractions at the Tokyo Game Show 2016 was a virtual reality girl. 

What did they expect, have a conversation? 

There was some problems though as well it's Tokyo where shaming females is acceptable. The dolls shown sent out the wrong signals and looked like they were "asking for it" as per what some judges say to women who are raped. Yeah, keep yer knees together so you won't get raped by the stronger over powering male you slut! 

Why won't this bitch kneel down and suck my virtual cock?  

The Japanese developers of the VR girl,  M2 Co didn't take into account just how sad gamers actually were. Assdestroyer666 and Spunkinjecter69 had to be escorted out of the show. The Japs do porno cartoons of big headed school girls in mini skirts for fucks sake and blokes can actually wank to that ... I don't get it. 

This is why 2 nukes weren't enough. 

Cloud Atlas was a book it seems, aye with werds an shit. Like always Old Knudsen waits for the movie so he doesn't behave like one of those cunts that complains it's nothing like the book or how they imagined it in their heads. 
I hear Outlander is fairly close to the books, Lord of the rings was exactly like the books, I never thought they'd make a movie out of that as they didn't even make a second animated version back in the day. The books and the movies were quite a slog. Like the Titanic center in Belfast you only really want to do that once.

Lucky I have oldtimers disease and my memory isn't that good so when I watch American Gods I doubt I'll remember I was dumb enough to waste time reading when I could have been doing more hate crimes or shop lifting. 

The clone bit in Cloud Atlas is how the Japs treat women today. Females are undervalued in other Asian cuntries as they are in the Middle East and here in the west but in Japan sexual assault can be an everyday part of life. Even a western Youtuber went to Japan to take advantage of this. Hey the girls smiled and giggled after I touched them, they were obviously into it.     

Yeah and people that smile when talking about a spree shooting are not emotional torn and exhausted, they are obviously crisis actors. 

At the game show they had to spell it out. No means no! Sure you may do this to actual females on the tube or other crowded places but this doll has rights and feelings damn it .... also her boobs are hard plastic. 

In this world people confuse what happens on their phones or computers as being real life. The people shown aren't really people but better versions of themselves and so of course this spills over to the actual real world. 
If you troll on the Internet yer probably a dick with very little respect for others in real life. People also confuse what I do and say as trolling but when was being honest a bad thing? They just don't like being called on their shit. Blunt rhymes with cunt.

If these gamers see females as toys to be used and do this for 8 hours a day with no one holding them accountable that is a form of brainwashing. Like how violence gets blamed on video games it is to a point. It validates and makes bad behaviour more acceptable. 

It's a downward spiral with no one thing to blame. Violent video games for children, violent movies for children, violent toys for children, reality show star politicians telling you to embrace the hatred, world leaders quick to make never ending wars wars but not peace and media outlets with their spin ... it all adds up. 

The world needs equality, boundaries, empathy and standards. We're too jaded, ready to see the negative and not to believe the positive. Even if you don't feel like everyone is equal or shouldn't be understood and respected just act like it for fucks sake unless they are a pedo or other type of cunt of course and pretend yer a decent human for once.  


Monday, 19 September 2016

Brock Turner's Only Crime Was Recycling

I'm going to let you in on a secret. White Privilege is real ... it is, we even have a secret handshake and code werds. But it's like Santa, question it too much and it goes away.
We never speak about it we just quietly acknowledge each other with a nod. One time in SoCal I was standing over some bodies, my knife dipping with blood as I looked through their pockets for the crack I was owed a police car pulled up and two officers jumped out, a black one and a white one. The black one was all like 'drop the weapon' as he pointed his gun at me, the white cop said "back off Tay Tay I got this" and he behaved like a white person.

Yes that's where the expression 'act the white man' comes from. It doesn't mean oppress or rape it means to be a nice person ... nothing racist there. They helped me get my crack and gave me a lift home. Tru story bro.

In Sainsbury's when I buy stuff they give me like triple the Nectars points on my next shop or £5 off when I buy dog chews next time .... being white is awesome! At Tesco they don't even charge me, I just walk through the barrier beeping cos Barry the security guard is morbidly obese and can't run but why would you run after white people? 

Life hack: If yer white and running from the scene of a crime just tell the police you are jogging. White people do that kind of shit. 

Even the police here have decided that when most people drive off without paying for petrol at the pump it's an honest mistake and not worth police time, it rocks having only 1% of the people in Northern Ireland being ethnic. They of course drive off without paying on purpose .... duh! 

 George Washington was white but black people stole his name cos he didn't have a TV.

God is white, Jesus is white, most people that win Oscars are white, Obama would be completely white if he could be, he kills brown people with drones like a whitey. 

We stuff and mount African natives and put them on display in Spain, sorta like Planet of the Apes, this was in 1831. We got away with it until some cunt wrote a book about it in the late 90's and in 2000 ended up sending it back to Africa for a burial. We had the last laugh though cos he got a Christian burial. 

Shorty it's yer birthday, we're gonna bury you like yer a Christian. Cause you know we don't give a fuck about yer religion. 


Poor Brock Turner, misunderstood, middle class white boy. He is far better adjusted than most men children kids. He knows that you have to value Mother Nature. After a night of partying at a party with a huge amount of leezers cos this playa didn't get any action, even with those swimmer's shoulders. 

 Oh look, someone threw out a white girl.

He passed by a dumpster and saw a white girl lying there. He shook his head in disgust at America waste and thought that maybe he could fix her up. Before going to the effort of carrying her to his pad he wanted to check out if she was still in decent condition. 

 I like.

Here is where the misunderstanding cums in. Two Scandinavians saw him and decided to impose their loose Scandinavian morals upon him.  

Brock Turner isn't a rapist! According to the law in Callyfornia and even here in the UK he is not a rapist as he didn't insert his penis into her. DNA tests came back negative hence the short sentence, he's merely a sex offender but who isn't? 

 So quit judging him you open carry nutters and stay off his fucken lawn!

Yeah he "only" inserted a foreign object into her. by foreign I'm suspecting it said 'made in China' on it ... everything does.    
The poor lad served 3 long months in prison and has to carry this burden with him all his life just because of his beliefs in recycling. 

I blame the parents. Brock is the name of the hyper sexual trainer in Pokemon. "nurse Jenny I'd love to splurge all over your anime titties"  so what else could Brock have become?      

Brock is the victim here.  White privilege is real but the rest of the world is going crazy. 

In the old days Jews from Brooklyn would get Oscar nominations for playing Injuns red skins Native Americans but now all they get is slagged off for race appropriation ... yes I'm looking at you misunderstood wife beater Johnny Depp. 

We'd have movies like Zulu and The Wild Geese that had murderous black men with big knifes after whitey. We had black face entertainers and I never once took offense. Now you have movies like The Revenant which still has murderous savages but if they are played by real natives and white man is just as murderous then it's ok ... the rules are soo difficult these days. 

Just remember, the first rule of white privilege is that you don't talk about white privilege. The next time yer out and there is free WiFi just accept the injustice of it all and appreciate yer privileges as you surf the Internet for cat pictures for free.     

Friday, 16 September 2016

A Salad Tosser

The Harlem Cafe in Belfast is doing good business by turning a negative into a positive. A woman on TripAdvisor had the prawn salad and called it the worst one she has had in her life and she has had loads of salads .... you wouldn't think it cos of the *size of her* but she ain't no salad dodger. *Pure speculation*    

The owner of the award winning restaurant said, "I dislike TripAdvisor. I feel it's a hidden way for people to vent their anger and they always seem to add a bit on and make it sound really bad. And I just thought I'd tell everybody in the world about this salad."

Like the movie and music reviews on Amazon huh, it brings out the failed critic in people. "I bought the best of the Human League but before I tell you about the product let me first list their influences and how their style evolved over the years, lets start with Miles Davis."   

I'm sure local Belfast people are going in thinking, "I bet she was American, I'll show that Yank by having the salad and liking it no matter what!" 

Oh no, don't slag off our poor service, quality and choice or you'll feel the wrath of the people. Remember when HBO execs and Jon Snow complained about how after a week there was fuck all to do in Belfast? Oh boy did the locals yap. It may be true that unless yer a raging alcoholic there isn't much to do here but we don't need people ... outsiders pointing it out.  

Jon Snow knows fuck all BTW.

If you leave a restaurant angry about the food enough to make a bad review then maybe there are other problems.
The salad might be better if you put it in a fucken bowel instead of poncey wee pots but hey what do I know? I don't win la de da awards but I hate it when you have to dig yer food out of hipster pots or yer chips cum in a bucket .... I'm no the fucken Queen. Also don't put dirty packets of butter onto bread, I hate it when people do that.

The owner would rather have complaints/concerns said to her face and she is very approachable ... so she says. Well I'm sure she would but it's the 21st century and hey maybe Northern Ireland should up it's fucken game a big bit.

One diner told OBB "I wondered just how bad it could be - and it was actually quite nice." .... quite nice, wow what a compliment. Quite nice can turn to bleh very easily.  

You can't have an abortion or ghey marriage here so why on earth would you expect decent food? There's a KFC doon the road for the less pretentious and I hear/know it's finger licken good. Must be good I see the staff licking their fingers all the time.

While the sign is a bit of fun you can't at all feel the anger behind it .... oh no, not at all. Smoldering Donald Trump kind of anger.  Och go in and try it out for yerself don't let some picky eater with standards tell you what's good or bad, there's fuck all else to do in Belfast so why not?

Thursday, 15 September 2016

National Anthem Or Old British Drinking Tune?

Kneel before me. I said… KNEEL! Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power. For identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

Not to men like you

There are no men like me

There are always men like you.

 Well shit .... you got me there. 

The them and us attitude is not a morally just place to come from. Doing it because everyone else is or to show respect ..... well not everyone are mindless sheep or think the same as you.

Sneaking in 'under God' into the pledge of allegiance or standing up when a tune is played does not make you a better person. Most US wars are for other reasons but history has them down as for freedom. I know this is bullshit cos I come from the place that had the great British Empire for fucks sake. Well ruled not out of a need for freedom but for money and the fact we (the English really) believe themselves to be superior to everyone else.

The Americans now think they are the superior ones. 

The first civil war was about taxes and wanting to make the money for themselves, the second civil war was about keeping the Union together, then you've got WWI which was those nasty Germans and their U-Boats and a possible alliance with Mexico.
WWII was because of Pearl Harbor. The US wasn't big into freedom, it sat on the side lines saying 'this isn't my war' until it could not ignore it and public opinion for going to war was more positive.

Then you have the various little wars to stop the spread of Communism. The wars for oil which go on today. Call them Operation Enduring Freedom all you like but who is it that is really free?

The average grunt fights because they are told to. If they can fool themselves that they are fighting for their country or for freedom then they'll be more receptive. The enemy has to be made evil so what is more evil than people that want to enslave you and take your freedoms? It really works out well that ISIS want some crazy ass Sharia law as that makes the typical American just down right angry.

Should you spring to your feet every time you hear an old British drinking tune? Should you put yer hand on yer heart and gaze wistfully into the distance?

Do you remember those that fought and died ever telling you to do any of this? They fought because they had to. They fought because it was their job or they were drafted and didn't have a choice. If you invoke their memory as a reason for doing something you've missed the point and probably suffer from civvie guilt.

You want to make your cuntry Nazi again? The Nazis didn't give people a choice or freedoms. You had to join the Hitler Youth and salute, you had to wear a yellow star.

Old Glory is just a bit of cloth, it won't protect you from bullets or feed you when yer hungry. It's like religion, you can make it something magical and full of these ideals and beliefs etc but when you get down to it there is only what you bring to it and how you think of it.

Like religion or Nazis you don't need to be going around telling other people what they should be doing, especially if you live in a so-called free cuntry.

Respect has to be earned, as does freedom. Donald Trump has been going around saying that America isn't great and no one pulled a dead soldier on him.

Standing or not standing you can do whatever you want because A) it isn't harming anyone and B) freedom means you have the right to do it just as much as you have the right to own guns and pursue happiness.

Get with the program and appreciate yer freedom instead of demanding that everyone blindly obeys.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Crooked Hillary's BlackBerry

These chairs will take over the world Col .... lol.

Crooked Hillary the next President asked former Secretary of state Colin Powell his advice on her BlackBerry use when she became Secretary of state as she heard he was was using one even though the Secret Service said not to. 

His reply was that he didn't have a BlackBerry he hooked up his own computer to a phone line and used that for non-classified stuff.
"When I asked why not they gave me all kinds of nonsense about how they gave out signals and could be read by spies, etc. Same reason they tried to keep mobile phones out of the suite... we just went about our business and stopped asking."

Nonsense he says. We all know that when you hit delete it means it's gone forever and that phones don't give out signals that can be hacked just like how Microsoft can't activate yer computer to spy on you and Saddam did have WMD's, they just had Romulan cloaking technology.  Stoopid Secret Service and their idiot ways.

They couldn't protect a cup of warm piss. They didn't save Lincoln, JFK and his brother or even Bill Clinton from himself. Rich and powerful people need to access social media in an instant and not told when they can from a bullet catcher. 

I'm sure Canadian made BlackBerry is totally safe, safer than android that's fer sure eh.

Then he sent her this pic and said "lets cut to the chase, you want Colon Power all up in your inbox. I have a weapon of ass destruction that Bill is lacking. I bet you couldn't fit this stogie in your mouth." 

 I'm gonna kill you and you and you

We don't know if she took him up on this as being the Secretary of state she not only had to write up kill lists of people that were about to testify against her but also random brown people all over the world.
She also had to find the most expensive and hideous clothes there are, she was a busy lady. She still is. This year alone the Clinton death list is 40% lower than in previous years but there is bound to be a surge just before November.